June 11, 2020


Krion®, a reinvention in the hotels and catering sector

The mineral compact is highly durable and easy to clean and maintain, making it the ideal solution for use in the hotels and catering sector.

Hotels and restaurants have already started the process of easing out of lockdown and they’ve found their perfect ally in Krion®: the sterile, antibacterial material is ideal for compliance with new health and safety regulations.

Krion® is a resistant, hard-wearing mineral compact. It’s easy to clean, requires little to no maintenance, and is simple to repair. These unique features mean it looks as good as new for longer, and its composition also prevents fires from spreading. These properties not only offer added security, but keep spaces looking pristine – even in high-traffic areas.

Krion® in hotels

Thanks to its zero porosity and absence of joints, Krion® can be used to design uninterrupted surfaces free from corners and crevices and with smooth and unnoticeable joints. Dirt and germs often accumulate in corners and hard to reach areas, so these surfaces are much more hygienic. Perfect for hotel reception areas, dining rooms and lobbies, it gives customers peace of mind and guarantees a healthy environment.

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The material is bacteriostatic, preventing the spread of microorganisms in spaces where safety and hygiene are major priorities. Something that is paramount in kitchens, buffet areas, restaurants and bathrooms. And because it’s easy to maintain and repair too, it’s the perfect solution for furnishings in hotels and other catering facilities.

Krion® in restaurants

Krion® is available in a wide variety of colours and can be combined with wood, stone or metal elements. The customisation and design options available together with its sterile nature lend themselves perfectly to installation in restaurants, cafés and large-scale food halls. Results that can be further enhanced by Fitwall decorative panels, an innovative material by Krion PORCELANOSA Group.


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