April 14, 2015 | Updated: October 26, 2018


Krion® curves for a more suggestive bathroom: new semi-recessed Almond washbasin

The aesthetic possibilities of the solid surface from PORCELANOSA Group in the creation of bathroom elements seem to be endless. In its desire to offer bold, different designs to create unique elements, Systempool has extended one of the most sculptural collections of the Krion® Bath range, with the new semi-recessed Almond washbasin.

Systempool has known how to perfectly convey the suggestive lines of the freestanding bathtub and washbasin of the Almond series, maintaining the dynamic and suggestive personality of this product, created thanks to the technical qualities of the compact mineral Krion®.

With dimensions of 48.6×38.7cm and an irregular oval format, the new semi-recessed Almond washbasin offers an iconic design which combines formal beauty and ergonomics to create practical and exclusive bathroom environments. The height of the edge can also be varied, protruding from the countertop by between 6.6 and 10.2cm, to achieve an amazing effect.

The semi-recessed Almond washbasin can be installed on countertops of any material, perfectly fitting in with those made of Krion®, with which a fully integrated result is achieved, which seems to be formed by a single piece.

The delicate appearance of the washbasin contrasts with the robustness and resistance offered by the Krion® solid surface, characterised by its warm touch, similar to natural stone. Furthermore, the non-porosity and ease of cleaning and maintenance of the material make it an ideal element for maintaining the high hygiene conditions which are necessary in the bathroom.

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