November 2, 2016 | Updated: October 26, 2018


KRION® and Tono by Foster + Partners: highest quality and minimalism regarding bathroom design

The latest edition of the Bologna Fair, Cersaie, provided a framework for presenting Tono, the new bathroom collection by the Porcelanosa Group , designed by the renowned Foster + Partners architecture and design studio. A new bathroom concept, that is minimalist, practical and functional, and which provides the highest quality in manufacturing materials for a unique bathroom experience.

Noken, L’Antic Colonial and Systempool have worked together with Foster + Partners when creating a modern, elegant equipment collection with high performance, highlighting among others the high durability and easy-to-maintain properties. There are several materials which have been used, such as the state-of-the-art KRION® Solid Surface mineral compact, which provides Tono with its innovative character for a future bathroom design that is both better and unique.

KRION® also provides Tono with important design innovations, such as the possibility of not needing the use of external brackets in either basin or countertop installations. These pieces are self-supporting and lighter and more resistant compared to other materials because of the physical properties of the product itself, and furthermore, the advanced computer-based simulation techniques which allow for foreseeing the needs to be covered by the bathroom.

With regard to the Tono basin, it is also worth highlighting its hidden overflow system, only available in the bathroom items manufactured with KRION®. Therefore, the original design has been respected, without compromising the functional properties provided by the material.

Both the structural features of Krion® and its straining manufacturing process, make the creation of specific figures possible, and what is more, faithful to the original designs and at a reasonable expense, even in the largest formats. Likewise, its lifespan is longer thanks to its regenerative ability and its easy-to-clean properties. Personality, purity and the fact of remaining unaffected over the years, make the bathroom equipment pieces perfect, and furthermore, tremendously long-lasting.

Furthermore, the Tono mirrors benefit from the intrinsic quality of KRION®, making both its pure white and complete opacity reflect as much light as possible. Therefore, with the same number of watts, one can achieve a bathroom with a much stronger lighting than the those done with other materials.

Sustainability is one of the other features that make KRION® a highlighted material in interior design. All the items from the Tono series manufactured with KRION® turn out to be 100% recyclable and, what is more, they hold both the GREENGUARD and GREENGUARD GOLD certificates, as well as the REACH regulatory compliance. Hence, they can contribute to gaining LEED points in the required projects.

In short, it is a material which perfectly meets the expectations created by the Tono bathroom collection, which is of the highest quality, as well as its functionality and minimalism in design.

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