June 17, 2021


Storage ideas for practical kitchens

Gaining more space for preparation and storage will enhance your experience in the kitchen, giving you a sense of harmony as well as a better layout for all your kitchen utensils.

Kitchen design and layout has changed dramatically in recent years. We used to see it as an isolated space, solely for cooking, but the kitchen is now an extension of our living area. Open-plan spaces with island, L or U-shaped kitchens with open shelving and integrated appliances will enhance the room's sense of order and balance.

Here are a series of practical tips from PORCELANOSA Group brand Gamadecor to double up the capacity of your kitchen with its kitchen and furniture designs and storage solutions.

WABI E9.30 kitchen units XLight Bottega Caliza Silk + E2.65 Sugi Black Sugi Té Gamadecor Porcelanosa
WABI E9.30 kitchen XLight Bottega Caliza Silk + E2.65 Sugi Black Sugi Té Gamadecor Porcelanosa

Kitchen units for modern kitchens

The units you go for in your kitchen will define its look and feel. Getting compartments or dividers for your drawers and cabinets will give you more storage for cutlery, kitchenware and utensils.

R4.60 pull-out kitchen units Cement Brillo + R1.60 Eucalyptus Smutty Gamadecor Porcelanosa
R4.60 kitchen Cement Brillo + R1.60 Eucalyptus Smutty Gamadecor

Pull-out and corner units

Making the most of the space you have is key to getting the aesthetic look you want to achieve in a modern kitchen. Pull-out or corner units and modular tray organisers by Gamadecor will free up space and integrate this room into the rest of your home.

E7.70 kitchen Roble Cuero Gamadecor

More pantry space, more order

Gamadecor has taken a look back to the pantries of the past and given them an update with a concealed unit design that increases your storage space and improves hygiene.

E4.40 glass kitchen cabinets Limo Mate + Roble Puro transparent glass Gamadecor Porcelanosa
E4.40 kitchen Limo Mate + Roble Puro transparent glass Gamadecor Porcelanosa

Glass cabinets and open shelving

Using glass cabinets or shelving makes for better utensil storage - and makes everything easier to find. Open structures, glass, wood, vertical or built in... glass cabinets make it easier to maintain a sense of order and give your space a new look.

R1.40 kitchen cubbies and shelves Etimoe Ice Gamadecor Porcelanosa
R1.40 kitchen R1.40 Etimoe Ice Gamadecor

Exposed storage with cubbies and shelves

Keeping your spices, tea towels, dishes and appliances tidy is much easier if you have shelves, modular drawers or auxiliary units over your worktop. You'll make the most of every bit of space and your kitchen will feel bigger and brighter, as you can see in designs by Gamadecor.

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