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Design a kitchen with a practical and functional island

Here we list some of the key points to successfully integrating a kitchen into a living room with the combinations of Porcelanosa Kitchens.

Open or "American" kitchens have become one of the favourite options for architects and interior designers due to the breadth and light they bring to the house. One of the most successful models in this open-space design is island kitchens, offering the versatility to cook, store food, eat, rest and work in the same area.

Island kitchens allow a space to be better structured, because its own structure is integrated into the living room or dining room through infinite worktops, cupboards and hidden drawers and shelves for storing utensils and food.

Below, we list the steps you need to take to develop a kitchen with a practical and organised island using the models and combinations of Porcelanosa Kitchens.

Island kitchen distributions: What's yours?

island kitchens

Kitchen E9.30 Xtone Liem Black nature + E7.30 Roble Noche Gamadecor

To have a modern kitchen with an island the first thing you should do is plan out the distribution of furnishings and kitchen utensils. Once you have a clear idea of the order and style you want (Mediterranean, industrial, classic or vintage), you have to look at how you want to organise the kitchen, measuring everything and selecting the materials you want (ceramics, wood or glass).

island kitchens
Kitchen E7.90 Roble Polvo + E4.90 Limo mate

1. Island kitchens opening onto living rooms

In kitchens opening onto living rooms, the islands have a practical and decorative use (they can be used to divide areas) and can be complemented with stools, hanging lamps and plants.

As there are no partitions or walls, this type of kitchen facilitates interaction between people because while one person cooks, the rest can join them around the island.

Also, if you install the sink or stove top on the island, you get an extra space to work.

island kitchens
Kitchen Wabi E9.30 Xtone Stuc Ice + E7.90 Roble Alba

2. Kitchens with a central island

Kitchens with central island allow you to hide utensils or appliances to gain more space.

You can also integrate low furniture with in-built storage to turn the central island into a family meeting space or use a small part of the worktop as a kitchen bar.

Kitchen R1.90 Nogal Moon R1.00 Cool

3. Long island kitchens

In rectangular island kitchenswe recommend pulling down partitions to open up more space. To achieve this, you need to leave a passage between the entrance and the work area and place the furniture perpendicularly.

You need to keep in mind that the space between both sides must be at least 1.20m so you can easily open drawers and cupboards. If your kitchen is small or has a limited space, one trick is painting the walls and furniture white to gain extra depth and order.


Kitchen Carrara Soft Krion®

4. Square island kitchens

Square kitchens or "U-shaped" kitchens redimension smaller houses.

Harmonising the flooring and veneer of the kitchen with natural inspired ceramic tiles; placing the sink under the window; aligning the pantry with the cooking area; integrating household appliances into the main structure; extending the worktop to the end of the island with the compact mineral Krion®; and including white lacquered cupboards with sliding doors are some of the tips you can use to make your kitchen more practical.

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