March 1, 2022


Décor tips for a boho chic home

With its relaxed and timeless style, this interior design scheme makes for fresh and bright spaces.

Boho chic is already trending in the world of fashion and interior design. Thanks to its uncomplicated, bohemian style (hence the name), this type of interior design scheme can be built on with other styles (Mediterranean, japandi, minimalist or industrial) because of its neutral tones and varied design options.

This is an unconventional style, so you don't need to stick to strict rules, but it does incorporate various identifiable elements (wicker furniture, natural wood, linen and cotton textiles, leather sofas and oriental rugs). Next let's take a look at some boho chic spaces so you can get inspired and bring these ideas into your own home.

Bright living rooms featuring wicker, wood and ethnic textiles

This style is defined by certain key features: think wood, wicker, ceramics and macramé combined with ethnic fabrics. To get the boho chic look in your living room, you could paint the walls in neutral tones (white, grey and beige are the most popular) and use furnishings and accessories to inject some colour (marble auxiliary tables, Persian rugs, bamboo pendant lighting, distressed wood furniture or geometric-upholstered cushions).

Another must-have element for this type of living room is to introduce nature in some form. You could do this with parquet flooring or PAR-KER® ceramic wood by Porcelanosa. Alternatively, place plants or dried flowers to the side of your sofa to reinforce the connection with the natural world. If you're looking for more artistic ideas, you could accessorise your main space with hand-carved wood ornaments, earthenware vases, artwork or rattan framed mirrors.

Bedrooms with plant-based fibres and wooded headboards

Accent natural textures with colourful bed linen (green, navy blue, yellow or orange) to add a cosy, fun feel to your bedroom and make it feel brighter. Because this is a distinctly eclectic style, you don't need to stick to any hard and fast rules with your colour combinations. For a winning design, blend neutral tones (grey, beige or sand) with light furniture, printed or plain bed linen, wooden headboards, wicker or rattan chairs and wicker baskets.

Relaxing, light-filled bathrooms

Achieving a sense of harmony is a fundamental element of your boho chic bathroom. To do this, you could tile the walls with white ceramic tiles (Newport White or Old White by Porcelanosa) or go for a floral vibe with wallpaper (Skins collection by L'Antic Colonial) featuring botanical or even marine motifs. If you go for this look, we recommend natural lighting or ceiling lights (wicker or clear glass).
You also need to think about the right furniture for this style of bathroom. We're talking about vintage or solid wood in particular. To highlight the organic design, you could install a natural stone washbasin with metallic taps (from Noken's Tono range, a Foster+Partners design) or a backlit mirror. If you combine white with gold or copper, the result is an ultra-fresh room, loaded with personality.

Chill out terraces

More and more terraces in homes and restaurants are opting for boho chic style. Decorate these spaces with bamboo furniture and kilim cushions, natural jute rugs, leather poufs or Middle Eastern wood tables to turn them into a haven where you can disconnect from it all.

To get the most out of the space in summer, you could introduce leather poufs, or even Bali-style hanging egg chairs: it'll be hard not to spend all your days and nights there. For a more exotic feel, you could add textiles in reds, earthy tones or blues to the sofas, or even add some plants and festoon lighting to your walls.

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