December 7, 2016 | Updated: October 26, 2018


Keops ceramic wall tiles by Venis: interior design inspired by geometry

The latest edition of Cersaie, the International Trade Fair in Bologna, falls in perfectly  with the introduction of the new product catalogue with excellent ceramic designs for exclusive projects by Venis.

This is particularly the case with Keops, a collection for ceramic wall tiles which seems to be inspired by geometry, and not only because of its closely linked ellipses framework, but also because of its infinity in nature. It is worth highlighting the fact that when installed, the pieces fit perfectly together, in a way that a great feeling of uniformity is achieved in the installation space.

The aesthetical result offered by Keops is highly noteworthy. Because of its waves and outstanding relief, this ceramic floor tile seems as if it is moving, thus, combining with the optical illusion and achieving an outstanding light and shadow effect. However, the shades change depending on the type of Keops finishes, available in matte white, gloss white and silver.

Regarding the formats, this rectified monoporous ceramic wall tile introduces the innovative 45x120cm large format in its two white finishes, both for matt and gloss. The Silver finish, however, is based on the 33,3x100cm format.

Keops is a highly excellent innovative design, aimed at fulfilling the most exclusive and luxurious interior designs. Because of its austere and bright character, as well as its metal features, depending on the finish, it is ideal for minimalist and modern decorations.

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