December 4, 2013 | Updated: October 18, 2018


K: the first bathroom accessory collection made with Krion®

Forever at the forefront of the most requested needs is Systempool, who has expanded its horizons with the new K accessory collection, and opened up a world full of possibilities to discover. The new range of complements for bathrooms is made with Krion® Lux, and composed of four decorative elements.

The first accessory of this collection is the K rectangular shelf, made with Krion® Lux Snow White, which is suspended thanks to a series of angle brackets that fix the piece to the wall.

Another complement that Systempool presents is the K shelf. This piece of furniture can be vertically or horizontally placed, and is formed by a central division fixed to the wall. The shelf structure is available in two different finishes: Nogal or Krion® Lux Snow White. There is also an optional interior container draw, which can be moved along the shelf. It is available in one finish: Krion® Lux Snow White.

With a fresh and different aesthetic is the K ladder, made with solid wood. It has a permanent height and comes in a simple design to fit in well with pretty much any space. It has different shelves made with Krion® Lux Snow White, to place bathroom toiletries.

Finally we have the rectangular shape shelf made with Krion® Lux Snow White. It is also suspended, thanks to a white lacquered chassis screwed to the wall; a system which achieves a completely integrated effect and is practically unperceivable.

Altogether, the new K accessory collection made with the solid surface by PORCELANOSA Group brings us a new way to see and design bathrooms.

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