February 23, 2015 | Updated: October 26, 2018


Japanese tea ceremonies inspire Aro, the estudi{H}ac collection for Krion® Bath

Systempool has trusted the talent of José Manuel Ferrero, creative director of estudi{H}ac, for the design of the new Krion® Bath collection, the line of bathroom elements made with the new generation compact mineral developed by PORCELANOSA Group.

Defined by voluptuous curves which generate pleasing and dynamic forms, the Aro collection is one of the most notable new products presented in the Krion® Bath showroom at PORCELANOSA Group’s 22nd show.

Water is the central element of this series inspired by the Japanese tea ceremony. The deep concave shapes of the different elements of the Aro collection are reminiscent of the porcelain bowls used in this ritual. Under this premise, estudi{H}ac redefines an ancestral tradition with a modern design which shapes the innovative material of the compact mineral Krion®, based on subtle, natural and clean lines in semi-circular forms which are warm to the touch.

A flat strip in the shape of a ring marks the different elements, evoking the hands of the host offering tea to their guest, in the same way as the bath offers water for intimate personal use. This aesthetic detail, which connects the whole collection, also has a technical function, acting as a wall mounted element in the washbasins and as a support plate in the Aro bathtub.

The attractive design of the Aro collection from the Krion® Bath range is complemented with the unbeatable technical qualities of the solid surface from PORCELANOSA Group, such as its magnificent resistance and durability, as well as its zero-porosity, which prevents the spread of bacteria to maintain hygiene in the bathroom. The series offers the possibility of combining the Krion® lacquer finishes with natural wood details, increasing the elegance and differentiated character of this original product from estudi{H}ac.

The great international presence of estudi{H}ac within the world of product design and interior design during recent years has led Systempool to entrust this project to José Manuel Ferrero, as L’Antic Colonial has done for the creation of their Men{H}ir collection of bathroom elements, made from the natural materials of the firm.

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