September 14, 2021


A house in Algemesí based on harmony and balance

'Bueno' by Chiralt Arquitectos studio: a property with two symmetrical levels that usher in the natural light through large horizontal windows and collections by PORCELANOSA Group.

Designed in neutral tones and featuring strikingly pure lines, Bueno residence in Algemesí (Valencia) has taken inspiration from Japanese minimalist architecture, clad in a white skin that provides a stunning contrast with the black structural elements.

The work of studio Chiralt Arquitectos, its inverse L-shaped structure champions simplicity and order through collections by PORCELANOSA Group. The ventilated façade, designed by Butech's technical team, demonstrates this perfectly. It features two symmetrical blocks, brought together by Krion® K-Life 1100 and XTONE® Aged Dark mineral compacts, creating a striking play on light and shade that further bolsters the connection between the interior and exterior.

A balanced interior and exterior

The solid surface lends a sculptural edge to this predominantly white property, and benefits from resistance against extreme temperatures and UV, long-lasting colour, and lightness. It lends every surface more aesthetically-pleasing, cleaner look, and breathes light into the upper levels, where large translucent windows open out to the surrounding landscape. "Conceived as a single unit, the property is linked by three bays which are central to the structure. The central bay has a corridor/hallway that provides access to all parts of the property, achieving an infinitesimal sense of spaciousness with its large window which serves as a backdrop, adding perspective" explains a representative from Chiralt Arquitectos.

The two distinct zones (day and night) are drawn together through large format cement-look floor tiles (HIGHKER®) in Bottega Acero and Bottega Topo (Porcelanosa). Bueno residence has a circular floor plan in which every room shares the same natural aesthetic. The ground floor features a wall housing a TV unit and staircase, also used to partition the kitchen-dining room. The Gamadecor Emotions kitchen is complemented by a Krion® K-Life 1100 Snow White worktop and XTONE® Aged Dark cladding.

Organic design with natural textures

These rooms are connected by a stone-look cantilevered staircase. Built in XTONE® Bottega and attached to the side wall, the steps lead up to the night zone, with its games room, two bedrooms, bathroom featuring products by Noken, and master suite with a dressing room and en-suite bathroom.

The master suite stands out for its vast window and multifunctional walnut wood unit, comprising the headboard, side table, bedside lamp and dressing room. This room - and others - have been designed as a continuation from the terrace outside, reinforcing the home's connection with nature through Bottega Acero floor tiles (installed using Colorstuk grouting material from Butech).

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Architecture: Chiralt Arquitectos

Interior design: Chiralt Arquitectos

Photos: Eva Pérez

Video: Contrapla

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