January 4, 2017 | Updated: October 26, 2018


Invisible shower trays: elegance and design with the Shower Deck from Butech

Bathroom design is aimed at creating a functional room which, at the same time, has a sophisticated and elegant appearance. In this way, what we want is to create a relaxation space. Its aesthetics and set up are based on minimalism and visual amplitude.

In order to fulfil this trend, the firm Butech from the PORCELANOSA Group, has created the invisible Shower Deck shower tray, an innovative shower design which wants to give the impression that it is another extension of the flooring.

This shower tray, prefabricated in rigid polyurethane reversed with thermosetting polymers, has the drain hidden as if it was a part of the bathroom’s wooden floor itself. This system allows for a perfect evacuation, thanks to both the hidden gradients and the water filtering, through the 3mm-thick open joints present in the ceramic pieces that cover it.

The performance of the Shower Deck shower tray

The Shower Deck shower tray composition makes it a product with an easy maintenance and high resistance, under unfavourable thermal and compression conditions, and also when chemicals contact happens.

The result is a complete waterproof shower tray with ideal evacuation conditions for any type of bathroom.

A Built-in Shower Deck shower installation

The installation is quick and simple, since there is no need to stick the ceramic tiles on the shower tray’s surface.

On the contrary, non-visible slides hold the ceramic pieces which will be placed on the shower tray afterwards, this way, achieving a totally flat integrated look.

The following video shows the process of how to install the Shower Deck shower tray.

In conclusion, the Shower Deck is a bathroom project joining design and practicality together, by keeping the high performance that the products from the PORCELANOSA Group are characterised by, to then create a unique bathroom experience which goes in line with the latest interior design trends.

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