February 11, 2020


“Vela” from Venis, a reflection on the passage of time through ceramics

The PORCELANOSA Group’s firm launches a new collection inspired by cement and its different textures.

Through its four colours: Smoked, Natural, Grey and Black, its pieces are notable for their irregular design and a vintage image highlighting its natural cracks.

Imperfectly perfect. This is the message that Venis has intended to convey with Vela, its new porcelain stoneware collection.

Inspired by cement, each of these pieces showcased during the 27th International Exhibition of Global Architecture and Interior Design has an aged appearance that blends perfectly with industrial or Scandinavian aesthetic spaces.

Unlike in the life cycle of people, in ceramics original properties remain intact year after year. This is proven in this collection, featuring integrity and resistance to high temperatures, impacts and continued use, representing the best definition of timelessness.

1 Vela Caliza 100-cm-x-100 cm Venis Porcelanosa

Polychromatic versatility

The versatility and compositional fullness displayed by Vela in each of its 17 designs makes it suitable for floor tiles (59.6 cm x 59.6 cm, 80 cm x 80 cm and 100 cm x 100 cm) as well as for wall tiles (45 cm x 120 cm).

This is the result of painstaking work that has been carried out with very fine and natural aggregates. They have been used to comprise this irregular polychromatic design, notably featuring four shades: Smoked, Natural, Grey and Black, and their natural cracks reflect the passage of time with a slight change in shade.

Furthermore, the wall tiles can be combined with the Tahití (45 cm x 120 cm) decoration, with polygonal shapes reaching up to 5 mm in height. This in turn camouflages the joint, enabling you to create continuous seamless rooms.

Everlasting ceramics.

4Thaiti Vela Grey Venis Porcelanosa

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