March 9, 2018 | Updated: 3 June 2021


GET THE LOOK: we combine interiors and exteriors with the PAR-KER Manhattan ceramic parquet

Porcelanosa recalls Nordic atmospheres from northern Europe through an atmosphere of infinite lines which achieves in creating visual continuity and uniformity between the inside and outside of the house by making use of the PAR-KER ceramic parquet: Manhattan.

Infinite spaces with a glass panel

Manhattan meets the expectations of a series which stands out because of both its vintage look and ceramic properties which, make it possible to be installed in interiors since it is highly resistant to outside weather conditions.

In this way, Manhattan’s ceramic anti-slip composition offers an optimum solution when separating spaces with a glass panel, as one can see in interior terraces that open to the outside and even in bathrooms that open to the bedroom.

An unwavering structure that is soft to touch

If one had to choose a feature from the Manhattan collection, then it would be the softness. Its carefully-worked veining perfectly shows the purity and spontaneity of wood in a matt surface with a highly-silky touch.

Despite its serene and delicate aesthetics, Manhattan has got a resistant composition to scratching and impacts which, remains unaffected over the years. It requires little maintenance and is easy to clean as well.

The Manhattan collection by Porcelanosa is available in five different colours: Silver, Natural, Colonial, Cognac, Maple and Fresno. Several formats, from the 29.4cmx180cm or 19.3cmx120cm; to the 29.4cm×120 cm or 19.3cm×180 cm, the latter with the anti-slip surface option to use for exteriors.

In this way, one can find an original and carefully-worked ceramic parquet, which is: exclusive, resistant, soft and versatile, since it perfectly combines materials and tones.

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