February 12, 2020


Here are the interior design trends Porcelanosa is proposing for interior design in 2020

Wall tiles with relief details and geometric forms, ceramic flooring reproducing the colours and textures of natural wood to the millimetre, kitchens integrated into living spaces, and minimalist bathrooms with geometric lines are some of the design schemes put forward by the multinational.

Design as the backbone of the home. This is the core objective of each of PORCELANOSA Group’s new collections: more natural, perfectly finished textures; more sustainable pieces; and more refined, crisp lines, creating limitless spaces under a unified aesthetic.

OXIDE Grey Nature & EWOOD Camel by Xtone.

Geometric inspired minimalist spaces

New technologies have changed the way we create and understand design. PORCELANOSA’s techniques and finishes have been perfected through automation and assembly-line production, with more eco-efficient and natural materials. This could be seen at the 27th International Exhibition of Global Architecture & Interior Design, where the group presented some of its collections that will be on trend in 2020. The Smart Kitchen from Gamadecor was a key example of this. Featuring more than just a minimalist structure, the kitchen – designed in oak – interacts with the user, with the worktop integrating the various cooking appliances, a second sink, and a surface that serves as a counter.

Smart Kitchen & Roble Torrefacto by Gamadecor.

The progressive design, with geometric forms and limitless pieces based on squares, rectangles, and diamonds, is further enhanced by mosaics from L’Antic Colonial, Thao Verbier pieces from the Venis collection, with small 5 mm high triangles breathing lightness into the space, or the Steel collection from Porcelanosa. Inspired by metals, it gives a more artistic air to spaces, especially with its Mosaic Stell, with mixed tones and overlapping squares in relief.

Mystic by L’Antic Colonial.

A ceramic ode to wood

An industrial edge that can be enriched by the brand’s most organic collections. This can be done with Porcelanosa’s Par-ker ceramic parquet, or Starwood™ ceramic wood from PORCELANOSA Group, with the distinctive colours and textures of natural wood.

The result can also be achieved with Ewood Wenge Nature by XTONE (Urbatek), which recreates the restrained contrasts of ebony. Finish Studio by Noken follows the same line. This solution means shower trays from the Slate series can be further customised, with the incorporation of imitation wood ceramic finishes from Porcelanosa or Venis, produced using digital printing techniques with state-of-the-art UV-LED ink.

Vancouver Sand Starwood.

The level of sustainability ceramics and porcelain offer in comparison with natural wood allow us to create environments that are just as warm and unique as those using the natural material. Given their endurance over time, and ability to withstand blows or extreme temperatures, PORCELANOSA Group collections demonstrate our pledge to more stable and resistant inclusive design.

The same is true of Fitwall from Krion. The large format decorative mineral panel is intended to add to the design of spaces quickly, and without the need for works. Thanks to its easy application and highly realistic finishes with relief details, the pieces can be used to create spaces with their own identity, with textures and volumes inspired by wood, concrete, fired clay, and textiles.

The versatility so distinctive of Krion™ lends itself to the production of furniture, equipment, or custom-made coverings.

Krion Fitwall™.

Design in minimal expression

For 2020, Porcelanosa is proposing more minimalist and restrained interiors through its large collections, and a chromatic palette ranging from white, beige, grey, and classic blue 19-4052, the Pantone colour of the year for 2020.

This defence of neutrality and pure materials also runs through Butech construction systems, which ensure not only that pieces from Porcelanosa Group are fixed correctly, but they also contribute to an improvement in the natural environment. This is the concept the brand has brought to R-Eco, an additive for cement materials that reduces plastics pollution, and to its new decorative profiles.

New innovations include Pro-part coal from the Texture range. This profile, in black azabache, means flooring and wall coverings can be joined without any separations or differentiation.

It is perfect for use in Nordic style bathrooms, where you can also include Gamadecor’s Duna furnishings, Durango tiling from Porcelanosa, Round taps by Noken, or sinks and furnishings from the Liem series.

Duna by Gamadecor.

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