March 7, 2022 | Updated: June 8, 2023


Butech paves the way for efficient construction

The PORCELANOSA Group brand champions prefabricated systems and thicker format ceramics for more sustainable construction.

PORCELANOSA Group company Butech has expanded its range of prefabricated solutions, becoming a benchmark in the construction sector.

Investment in R&D&i, and the application of new technologies in production have prompted a shift in the expert firm’s technical systems and fixing materials. This new generation of industrialised modules includes the PORCELANOSA Offsite range, encompassing bathrooms (Monobath), kitchens (Monokitchen) and outdoor offices (Office Garden). The office modules are one of the company’s main innovations for this year. These transportable offices can be installed in gardens or on terraces, and feature ventilated façades to insulate the interior.

Shorter production and installation times

The designs can be customised with Porcelanosa collections, and they’re manufactured in whole at Butech’s facilities. This cuts lead times by 20% compared with traditional construction methods. This unification of processes, and the fact that they’re manufactured in the factory itself, is precisely why they offer improved optimisation of human and natural resources. It’s a more efficient approach which completely eliminates rubble and waste on site.

New solutions for open-plan interiors

Thic’ker is Butech’s answer to thicker format ceramic tiles. The tiles come in a 100 cm x 100 cm format, and are highly resistant against temperature changes, wear and tear, and moisture (making them suitable for use outdoors, for swimming pools, and in gardens). The natural-look design reproduces the texture of cement, in three series: Bottega Caliza, Bottega Acero and Durango Acero. To further enhance the look, Butech has designed a range of decorative profiles (Pro-Part Antique Gold and Pro-Part Anthracite) with gold and matt black finishes.

This refinement of the aesthetic, coupled with research into features that respond to interior design trends, has led the firm to create practical solutions that also embellish spaces. Examples include the cantilevered staircase system, compatible with Porcelanosa and XTONE® ceramic tile designs.

Along with these advances, the brand has launched its new Skins Fix and Sylastic Premium products. The former is an adhesive which has been specially designed for use with the new Skins wallpaper collection by L’Antic Colonial. Sylastic Premium, meanwhile, is a high-tech single-component waterproofing solution for a range of applications, from shower cabins to swimming pools.

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