December 14, 2017 | Updated: October 26, 2018


Industrialised spaces with metallic materials by Venis

Industrial style bursts into interior spaces through the metallic materials by Venis, the firm from the PORCELANOSA Group. Pieces with a renovated aesthetics which offer a wide range of decorative choices both in flooring and wall tiles. These types of products with a metal appearance allow for a huge number of combinations with other styles, such as cement or ceramic finishes.

Additionally, one of the most current trends is to combine metallic wall tiles with different patterns, textures and colours. Venis, for its part, offers a big array of metallic materials which convey, from a clean minimal aesthetics to a more lively and ground-breaking one. Pieces of design which together, achieve atmospheres that stand out because of their uniqueness and dynamism.

Endless metallic combinations 

One of the most outstanding collections with this style is Ferroker by Venis. A design with a metallic sheet finish, available in five formats and seven colours: Ferroker, Ferroker Aluminio, Ferroker Caldera, Ferroker Laton, Ferroker Niquel, Ferroker Platino and Ferroker Titanio. This collection is able to fill the project with a strong industrial aesthetics, both in interior and exterior spaces, since its resistance and durability allow for its installation in façades and terraces.

Venis also offers other metallic materials such as Ruggine. A piece available in seven tones which presents a matt-gloss finish that perfectly adapts to any room in the house. The same can be said about the Irish and Shine models. Whereas the former achieves a fine bright appearance in the Silver, Blanco and Natural tones; the latter is a monoporous elegant piece which is full of character, whose size is 33.3cmx59.2cm.

Lastly, one can find Ironker, a ceramic material which stands out because of its pure sturdy look. With a copper colour and a 44x66 format, it becomes the ideal choice for large spaces and contract projects.

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