13 August 2020


Butech Unit-Systems, sustainable solutions for industrialised construction

Butech, which specialises in construction systems and technical consultancy, has developed finished modules for façades and bathrooms that reduce construction times by up to 50% with the guarantee of the PORCELANOSA Group.

Digitalisation and service diversification are two of the main areas that will determine the future of the property market. The coronavirus pandemic has accelerated this transformation of the home and has led to new construction models and solutions to streamline building and make it more efficient and sustainable. One of these is Unit-Systems by Butech. The PORCELANOSA Group company, which specialises in construction systems and technical consultancy, has developed a series of modular structures ranging from completed façades (Modfaçades) to industrialised bathrooms (Monobath).


These innovative systems, built with PORCELANOSA Group collections and certified by Porcelanosa, make it possible toreduce construction time by up to 50%, compared with traditional methods. In addition to optimising construction methods, Butech carries out careful analysis and monitoring at each stage of production.

All products in the Unit-Systems range are manufactured in Butech's facilities and are subject to the strictest safety and quality controls according to the specific requirements of each project. 

A system that reduces environmental pollution

Among the advantages of prefabricated systems we would mention the rapid production and installation of each structure, the high quality of the materials (examined by the manufacturer), the possibility of customising each project with different designs, greater energy efficiency and a reduction in air pollution (reuse of waste and compounds from other processes), the main focus of the ECO CONSCIOUS green programme de PORCELANOSA Group. "Unit-Systems combine industrialised construction with interior design and they are installed by a specialised team of technicians and professionals who closely supervise all stages of the operation. This outsourcing process frees the site management from a significant workload and shortens completion times, so that delivery dates can be met," Butech explain.

New software for BIM development

To perfect the system and improve coordination between company and customer, Butech is developing a BIM software system that will give fast, easy access to all professionals who wish to incorporate Unit-Systems solutions. "It is a downloadable application that will allow the user to input a simple outline of the main features of the design to generate a 3D BIM model with manufacturing and assembly plans, providing the customer with real measurements for the solution adopted," the firm tells us.

This novel software will have a new interface for updating plans and measurements with a series of parameters included in the 3D model.


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