December 9, 2014 | Updated: October 26, 2018


In the bathroom, Less is More: Lounge wall-hung sanitarywares by Noken

The limitation concerning space is one of the main issues architects and interior designers find when designing practical and current bathroom environments. This fact is changing the appearance and distribution of these rooms, where minimalism is imperative.

It is in this context where the choice of the sanitarywares which are the most suitable for the projects and users do play a decisive role when optimizing the minimum space available as far as the contemporary housings are concerned. Hence, it is getting more and more common in bathrooms to see more limited wall-hung sanitarywares  taking into account the measurements, and this is what makes the most of the space available.

Always attentive to the new trends as far as design and technology are concerned, and among the Noken wall-hung bathroom accesories  collections, we highlight the Lounge  series. It is based on a modern design of straight lines and round edges, and furthermore, it stands as one of the symbols of identity of the brand because of its elegance and functionality.

One of the most practical advantages about the wall-hung sanitarywares is that they can be placed at any user’s desired height whilst adapting themselves to any user’s necessities. Likewise, the wall-hung bathroom accesories allow for creating more hygienic environments, and the cleaning chores become easier. On top of that, the cistern remains hidden behind the wall, therefore we get a very noiseless solution and a compact and elegant result.

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