January 25, 2022


Fashion and design unite in this Pamplona store

Interior design studio Ilmiodesign have created this dynamic and urban store using warm lighting and porcelain solutions by Porcelanosa.

Aimed at stylish, fashion-forward women who also appreciate everyday comfort, the Damisela en Apuros boutique in Pamplona combines exclusivity and sustainable fashion with artisan design from Ilmiodesign. Led by Michele Corbani and Andrea Spada, the interior architecture studio have blended an eclectic décor scheme with warm lighting, natural materials (wood, stone and brasss), industrial furnishings and Bottega Caliza technical porcelain by Porcelanosa. The aim? To put the image of a modern woman front and centre, making her the focus of the store. "Here, we're reflecting the reality of many women - real heroines - who have no time for themselves" explains Sara Bellido, director of the boutique.

Urban and exclusive design by Ilmiodesign

The concept behind the space was to create an urban, open-plan, multifunctional space in which the cement floor tiles by Porcelanosa play a prominent role, allowing for a limitless design between the various zones featuring designer furniture.

The modular, avant-garde furnishings can be moved around the store without having an impact on the overall design concept. Values that are also conveyed by their product range: modern and adaptable to any customer type, using fabric sustainable compositions that support more responsible fashion.

Designed with customers' wellbeing at the fore of every little detail, with delicate textures and neutral colours (white, beige and aquamarine predominate), the boutique's interior design scheme demonstrates the meticulous approach and level of personal care offered by the team at Damisela en Apuros.

See it in Projects Porcelanosa.

Architecture: Ilmiodesign

Developer: Bisel Construcción

Photo: Pedro Pegenaute

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