September 11, 2019 | Updated: September 25, 2019

Ideas for refurbishing the bathroom: Noken deluxe taps in copper and gold finishes

In order to give a more artistic touch to this type of space, the bathroom company from PORCELANOSA Group banks on sustainable pieces with exclusive finishes.

Among the most used colours for this season are black, gold and chrome; whose use allows different decor elements to be brought together.

Thought up to be artistic pieces, the latest taps designed by Noken combine practicality, avant-garde design and sustainability. Designed for being used in kitchens and bathrooms and with simple shapes as a common denominator, the different collections from the company stand out because of their exclusive design and metallic finishes.

Modernity in steel and chrome

Stainless steel is one of the most recurring options for bathroom and kitchen taps. Because of its resistance, brightness and balance; this colour offers two finishes: polished and brushed;  while its consistency withstands continued use and everyday wear and tear much better. Some advantages that the chrome finish from Noken also has, whose variant rosé refines the bathroom sets and turns the taps into decor objects.

Round collection, chrome finish

Golden taps, a luxury for everyday use

Whether polished or brushed, golden taps have become a must for this season. The brightness that this colour gives off, perfectly combines with accessories in white, beige and grey tones.   

Lignage collection, gold finish by Ramón Esteve

Titanic resistance

Titanium gives greater long-lasting properties and resistance to the bathroom sets. The structures which are created with the titanium finish match those spaces with a retro and industrial aesthetic.

Oxo collection, titanium finish

Avant-garde copper

The brushed copper pieces make the bathrooms a place for retreating in, to get away from daily routine. The natural brightness that these taps offer gain particular relevance in spaces which bank on metallic mosaics or natural stone such as marble or slate.

Lounge collection, copper finish

Black as a universal solution

The taps in black matte are a good choice indeed for bathrooms and open kitchens which reach other places in the house. These pieces cannot be combined with thin-thickness countertops, wall-hung sanitaryware or natural-wood cabinets.

Round collection, black finish

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