November 25, 2015


Ideas for your bathroom: sophistication in the PORCELANOSA Group freestanding bathtubs and basins

The bathroom is, in all houses, one of our favourite rooms, since it involves personal feelings such as relaxing and comfort, which makes us get away from our everyday stress. In all bathrooms it is necessary to have an aesthetically perfect configuration, which implies elegance, neatness and modern luxury, so that everyone can feel warmth and cosiness in their own home.

PORCELANOSA Group shows us its products in bathrooms equipment by combining exquisiteness and modernity, as well as uniqueness in its spaces for relaxation. With regard to the concept of design, which is aimed at perfection but in a cosy way, solutions for the bathroom focusing on minimalist fineness arise, such as the freestanding bathtubs or the floor standing basins. Designs for bathrooms which combine three main concepts: luxury, sophistication and avant-garde.

One of the latest collections by Noken, in their words, the Chelsea series, presents freestanding bathtubs aimed at the taste for classic, as a tribute to the Belle Époque, but without compromising the modern lines and shapes. By exuding distinction and boldness, these bathtubs are combined together with floor mounted taps emulating the wealth of gold, thanks to their golden finishes; likewise, they can exude freshness and metal airs by means of their chrome finishes.

Another of the excellent creations by Noken regarding freestanding bathtubs is Lounge. With a geometrical development, it shares its natural neat logical lines with the unique urban floor standing basins from the collection.

Made of KRION ® Solid Surface mineral compact, the RAS series of freestanding bathtubs and floor standing basins provides a minimalism dose with its straight lines and its pure aesthetics in a neat white, without compromising the storage practicality that the side compartments in the floor standing basins offer.

L’Antic Colonial proposals regarding bathrooms design can be addressed through the warmth of the natural stone that its Men{H}ir collection is able to offer. A collection created by the design studio Estudi{H}ac and based on the ancient Stonehenge menhirs. By keeping the unique pure essence of its natural materials, L’Antic Colonial, in its Men{H}ir series, includes freestanding bathtubs and floor standing basins which can really dominate the setting.


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