April 15, 2020


How to save energy during confinement

To encourage responsible consumption of water and electricity, and help protect the environment, here are some tips to help you save energy each day.

Now that half of the population are confined to their homes and the distinction between our private lives and work is becoming blurred, we need to use natural resources responsibly to save energy and protect the ecosystem.

Turn off electronic equipment when not in use, take advantage of natural light and use less artificial light, charge mobile phones in flight mode and use the dishwasher instead of washing up by hand: these are all practical ways to sustainably reduce household consumption.

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1. Take advantage of natural light

If you have chosen to work from home and have set up a home office, we recommend making the most of natural light during the day. If there is insufficient exterior light, choose lamps with LED bulbs, which use up to 90% less energy. Open-plan rooms, blinds instead of curtains and large picture windows all help natural light to enter, improving your well-being and concentration.

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2. Regulate heating

Use heating only when it is really cold enough to make it necessary. For greater energy efficiency, programme radiators and heaters and set the temperature carefully (20 degrees is recommended). Double glazing (PVC, aluminium or wood) can also cut energy bills by up to 70%. If you need to use heating during the night, lower the setting to 15 degrees until morning.

Under-floor heating in the main rooms is another good solution. Firms such as Butech in the PORCELANOSA Group have developed invisible systems for making homes more sustainable: transmitting and distributing heat in the same way as the sun, directly to the user and evenly throughout the room. The 8GM smart thermostat is another device that can help to save energy, controlling heating automatically and reducing energy consumption by up to 25%.

How to save energy at home


3. Turn off electronic devices

To save energy in the home, remember to turn off all electrical appliances and electronic devices once you have finished using them. To charge mobile phones quickly and efficiently, the best option is to turn off the device and then put it into flight mode, which conserves battery power.


4. Use the dishwasher more

The WHO stresses the need to maximise personal hygiene and cleanliness in the home to prevent the spread of Covid-19. We advise taking extra precautions, and making more use of the dishwasher. This can allow you to save up to 32,000 litres of water a year (especially if your dishwasher bears the A+++ label).

For more efficient and sustainable use, we recommend running the dishwasher once it is full and selecting a short or eco-mode program, using 40% less water and 10% less energy than if you wash up by hand.

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