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How to opt for the best taps for basins. 2nd Part: performance, technology and design

Choosing the perfect taps and achieving a design of functional sustainable bathroom becomes possible as long as a number of recommendations are followed in the initial planning of the project. As noted in the publication of “How to opt for the best taps for basins. 1st Part: the perfect installation for your bathroom” the type of installation selected turns out to be decisive for a correct configuration, but in addition to this, we must be aware of two more important points: performance and technology, and design.

Deciding performance and the type of cutting-edge technology

At Noken, Porcelanosa Group’s bathroom equipment firm, the technology one can find in taps is mainly aimed at achieving energy efficiency and water saving. In the same way, the latest trends broaden their field to ergonomic designs.

– SmartBox. SmartBox system by Noken is at the forefront of innovation. This system is created from built-in frames allowing for a highly flexible installation system. SmartBox permits numerous combinations of external sheets with a built-in frame which is shared among them, thus, offering excellent design freedom.

– Cold water opening system. The cold water opening system avoids steam boilers being activated automatically every time the lever is opened, thus, minimising the energy consumption. This technology, together with a special flow rate limiter integrated in the spout of the mixer reduces water consumption by up to nearly 60%, 5 litres a minute. Some of the Noken series that offer this technology are the Forma and  NK Concept  Collection.

– Digital. It turns out to be one of the most innovative designs by Noken and it is highly present in MOOD bathroom taps, designed by Luis Vidal + Architects. Thanks to its electronic controls, the design enables several programmes where the flow and temperature of the water are customised to each use and user. MOOD wall-mounted taps are in ECO taps models, which are for water saving in the bathroom.

– LED lights. The search for a different and modern design, together with LED technology, opens up the possibility of taps providing water flow with a beam of light. Apart from the use of ambient LED colours, it also makes the colour of the light show us the water temperature: blue for cold water; red for hot water. Urban-C Light taps collection by Noken counts on with this LED technology, which emanates light from the inside of the tap.

The perfect style for your bathroom

Taps have such a strong impact as far as aesthetics is concerned, a wrong choice may have an effect on the overall harmony of the bathroom itself. Opting for the taps according to the aesthetic style that is desired in the bathroom project will be the key for every detail to be integrated by creating unique experiences.

Porcelanosa offers a wide range, which is always in line the high standards followed by the company. Ranging from the more vintage touch to the technological designs and going through options that turn out to be very minimalist, aesthetic or raised to the maximum simplicity.

Furthermore, it is now possible to customise the finish of the taps with special high-gloss finishes , such as copper, gold or nickel, going beyond the traditional chrome finishes.

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