17 January 2022


Start the year with warm laminate flooring solutions from L'Antic Colonial

The brand's flooring solutions include designs that replicate the texture of natural wood, and with a multitude of finishes to choose from plus easy installation, they're the right fit for any room.

Laminate flooring is ideal for pulling your overall design scheme together and making your home feel more spacious. It's become an indispensable solution for dining rooms, bathrooms and bedrooms thanks to its practicality and design.

Drawing on the texture and grain of natural wood and with a number of finishes to choose from, this type of flooring will elevate the aesthetic of your space. And its properties - easy installation (no need for major works) and high resistance against impacts, stains or temperature changes - make it incredibly practical too. These properties run through the majority of the L'Antic Colonial collections, such as AC4 Residence and Endless and AC5 Cross.

If you're an industry professional and you're considering this type of flooring for a home renovation, here are some installation tips to help you get it right.

How to lay laminate flooring in a living room

  • Always read the manufacturer's instructions first, and check all the pieces are in good condition.
  • Place the flooring in the room you're laying it in and leave it in the original packaging for 48 hours to acclimatise the materials. Recommended for use in rooms at temperatures of around 20-23ºC.
  • Use a mortar bed and monitor the moisture content. For regular floors, a humidity level of less than 2.5% is recommended. For water underfloor-heated floors meanwhile, the humidity must not exceed 2%.
  • Place a straight ruler over any bumps in the surface and measure the highest points of deflection from the level surface before proceeding with installation.
  • For optimum installation of the laminate planks (and to hide any joins) lay them lengthwise in the same direction as the natural light source. You'll need to leave a perimeter join of at least 8 to 10 mm in any spaces with humidity levels of 40%-60%.
  • When you've finished, the laminate flooring must not at any point be in contact with the building's vertical parameters.

Why choose laminate flooring for your bathroom?

Laminate flooring makes a great choice for large or small-scale bathroom projects because it's moisture resistant and easy to install. Unlike natural wood, the material benefits from excellent technical features that make it a much more durable option in bathrooms. For more effective insulation, we recommend laying out the underlay perpendicular to the planks and sealing the joins with silicone.

Tips for better maintenance

The biggest advantage of laminate flooring is how strong it is - once installed, it lasts incredibly well. To keep it intact for longer, always avoid walking on laminate flooring in shoes worn outdoors. Make sure you have a doormat at the entrance to your property. This way, you'll stop any dirt or dust from outside being trodden inside. You could also use pads or floor protectors on furniture legs to stop them from scratching the floor.

The best way to keep your laminate floor in top condition is to clean any stains or liquids with a dry mop, bristle broom or vacuum cleaner. To remove any debris or marks, simply rub with a cloth dampened with PH neutral cleaning product (not water).

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