December 6, 2021


How to give your bathroom a new look

Use KRION® Shell or Noken's Light Stone shower trays to give your bathroom a new look in just five simple steps.

When planning a bathroom, it's always been the convention to have your bath opposite the shower. But in recent years, the trend has shifted, and a new system has taken hold. Swapping your bath for a shower tray is actually one of the most in-demand home renovations.

Why the change? Because shower trays save water, improve accessibility and make daily cleaning much easier. Not to mention that fact that it's a quick and easy process you can complete in just five steps:

  • Measure the surface, and check the drop of the drainage. The tray needs to slope at a gradient of approximately 2% towards the drain valve for water to flow correctly, thus avoiding potential leaks. You also need to check the bathroom waste trap, as this will affect the type and size of drain valve you use.
  • Prepare the floor: Use mortar to create a flat surface, and check the drainage is at ground level. Please note, the drain valve is made to suit pipes measuring 40 mm or 50 mm in diameter (standard measurements).
  • Water test: Once dry, place the shower tray in position to check the hole of the new design is aligned with the drainage (so it can empty effectively). We recommend pouring half a bucket of water in and waiting a couple of minutes to check it functions properly.
  • Adhesive: If it's all working as it should, apply adhesive to the surface so you can fix the shower tray in place. At PORCELANOSA we recommend using P-404 polyurethane putty by Butech.
  • Shower tray: Finally, you need to place the shower tray itself in the correct position. Once again, you need to attach the valve and then seal the joins. If you're also installing a shower screen, you'll need to secure that too.

If you want your shower tray to withstand the test of time and stay in top condition, PORCELANOSA offers a number of options. These include Line shower trays (with decorative panels you can use to tile the walls), Flow and Slope from Krion Shell® and designs from Noken's Light Stone range, characterised by lightness and excellent non-slip properties.

L'Antic Colonial, meanwhile, offers various shower trays in natural finishes, including their standout Basic Persian White design. Solutions from Urbatek are intended for larger bathrooms where you can install XTONE shower trays measuring from 80 cm x 100 cm to 100 cm x 150 cm.

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