December 18, 2013 | Updated: October 18, 2018


How to install Linkfloor: a vinyl material by L’Antic Colonial which is ideal for reforms

Always keeping in mind the needs of some of the most demanding professionals is L’Antic Colonial who propose a solution which is simple and quick to install, and suitable for all types of users: Linkfloor, a new covering with the quality seal of materials by the companies at PORCELANOSA Group.

Linkfloor is an easy to install vinyl material which does not require any work. It can be used to cover walls or as flooring. Depending on the needs and model, you can create a wood-like effect or a carpet-like effect.

The benefits of this type of material make it a good choice for reforms or high pedestrian spaces, thanks to its high anti-stain resistance and chemical agents.

L’Antic Colonial has created two videos to show you how to use Linkfloor. It also explains how to cover the floors or walls with this material and details a series of elements and techniques you can use to obtain successful results.

The following video explains the flooring process of the Linkfloor surface. Furthermore, the video shows us how to join the pieces with the “lock” system, guaranteeing a perfect fit. Another benefit of Linkfloor which makes it ideal for all types of reforms is that is can be fitted directly on top of the existing flooring, without the need of removing the old floor, by joining the pieces with this innovating system.

The video focuses on the wall covering and shows you step by step what to do and what techniques to use to cover walls with Linkfloor, for which a special glue must be used to ensure its fixing.

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