April 22, 2020


How to gain space in a small bathroom during lockdown

Good planning, a design adapted to the dimensions of the room and a balanced use of decorative elements can help you to make the most of each part of the bathroom.

The health measures recommended by the WHO and other international organisations to curb Covid-19 have led to a change in hygiene habits. These include frequent hand washing with soap and water and greater attention to cleanliness in spaces that can harbour concentrations of bacteria, such as the bathroom and the kitchen.

To increase the feeling of well-being and create a balanced space, especially in small bathrooms, the first thing to do is to redesign each area with resistant materials, subdued colours and a minimalist décor that can range from designs inspired by Feng Shui to more rustic options.

Here are five simple tips for making the most of your bathroom:

  • Fit shelves above the washbasin or the toilet so that bathroom utensils are tidy and within easy reach.
  • Replace the traditional bathtub with a glass screen that fits in with the general design of the bathroom.
  • Install a mirror over the washbasin to make your small bathroom appear more spacious. Tiles with geometrical shapes such as circles or squares will give the bathroom an original touch and help to create a feeling of infinity. The Lounge and Forma collections by Noken and PORCELANOSA Group are a good example of this approach.
  • Suspended bathroom units and cupboards with sliding doors are preferable to other styles. This will make the bathroom feel more like part of the overall design of the home rather than an isolated area. Collections such as Pure Line Wood and Architect by Noken and Core by Gamadecor allow you to divide the bathroom better and gain space.
  • To enhance the sensation of light, use neutral ceramic wall tiles in white or beige as the main colours. Or, to give your bathroom a fresh, original touch, choose mustard, green or pink, colours that you can find in Porcelanosa’s White & Colors.

For more ideas for decorating your bathroom, download the free guide “Ideas for Bathroom Design” by PORCELANOSA Group.

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