July 18, 2022


Different layout styles to optimise work in the kitchen

Gaining space in narrow, elongated structures will improve the functionality of the room.
The “U”, in-line and “L” arrangements are the most common in today’s designs.

The various lifestyles that exist today have led to a significant change in the traditional kitchen concept. An evolution that has resulted in this room being regarded as the heart of the home, a place to make the most of one’s time to spend with family and friends. It is thus essential to define a layout that favours the right flow. The main element to keep in mind is the so-called “work triangle”, formed by the washing, storage and cooking areas; and which determines if the kitchen design is efficient. Based on this premise, the arrangement of the different pieces can vary depending on the space.

The in-line distribution is one of the most commonly used in traditional kitchens. In narrow homes, it is the most recommended option, perfect for areas under 2 metres (between walls) and that combine a living room and kitchen. Another option is to set up a mini office for breakfast or snacking by extending the countertop, as is the case with the E6.70 Roble Alba E3.70 Gris Carbono Ghost model by Gamadecor.

In large rooms, a U-shaped structure is advisable. The use of three walls creates a perfect working triangle, making it easier to move around the kitchen due to the shorter distances, without having to interrupt the cooking activities. The E6.70 Nogal Seda E5.70 Bottle Brillo kitchen by Gamadecor is a good example, as it makes the most of all the angles in this layout.

Another option that maximises the use of space is the “L” layout. This expands the work space into storage, cooking and washing areas. It is a timeless arrangement that is increasingly used in kitchens with a modern and contemporary design, such as E3.70 Blanco Glass + Blanco emotions by Gamadecor.

Accessories for different kitchens

In small homes, kitchens are usually long and narrow. This layout can be improved with sealed furniture up to the ceiling to maximise storage space. This is the case of the E7.90 Roble Cuero E4.90 Limo Mate model by Gamadecor, which contrasts with clear shades, like Porcelanosa’s PAR-KER ® Oxford Natural ceramic floor tiles inspired by natural wood, to create a sense of continuity, and therefore of spaciousness.

In addition, the in-line arrangement of the furniture and the use of the same colour range will visually lighten the space and keep it from being too busy. The touch of colour can be provided by exclusive taps, like the ones in the Finish Studio collection by Noken.

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