June 3, 2020


5 ideas to make a white wall more interesting

White combines with any type of interior design and its neutrality creates a clean, spacious look.

White is this season’s star colour and its neutrality blends with any decorative style. Painting walls white may seem somewhat bland or dull but, if you play with contrasting colours and combinations of textures, you can create very original effects. Below, we list five tips for decorating white walls in different styles.

como decorar una pared en blanco 13

1. White art

To decorate a white wall, we recommend hanging paintings with textures, geometrical shapes or vibrant colours that bring vitality to a room. White makes rooms lighter and highlights their décor.

  1. 2. From white marble to porcelain

For white walls with a natural look, choose the Deco Matt collection by Porcelanosa, Artis wall tiles by Venis or Carrara White compact mineral by XTONE, which reproduces the veins and the natural brilliance of Carrara marble.

  1. 3. Matching furniture  

White walls can be combined with light textiles such as linen or cotton, Scandinavian style furniture or shelves built on to the wall itself. Another option is to alternate natural wood furniture with white metal or glass lamps to give the room a more authentic touch.

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  1. 4. DIY collage

Another way to decorate white walls is to create an artistic wall-mounted collage of black and white photographs.

como decorar una pared en blanco 14

5. Mirrors open up a space

Round, oval, square, rectangular, with LED lights, vertical, horizontal, with metal frames or without, mirrors are the perfect complement for white walls. They can extend the limits of smaller rooms like bathrooms or bedrooms and balance the distribution of colours to achieve greater harmony.


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