July 25, 2022


How to choose your shower screen

These elements, when placed properly, can help you to achieve relaxation and disconnection in your bathroom, so it is important to carefully consider both the technical and decorative elements

The available surface area and the entry and exit position are some of the keys that will help you to choose the correct shower screens, an important element in the design of your bathroom. Increasing the sensation of spaciousness in smaller bathrooms is possible with this practical solution that inspires open, clean spaces.

Types of opening, endless possibilities

The bathroom can be transformed into a space that is both pleasant and functional when you choose the correct type of screen. They can be used to create a cleaner space that feels open and airy; always taking into account the distribution of the space, of course.

Screens with hinged or sliding doors are a practical way to close your shower where space is at a premium. The former is best suited for spaces where the shower is wider. This way, you can simplify the cleaning of all of the elements of your bathroom.

For bathrooms with rectangular showers, we recommend fixed screens (Java screen by Krion). The use of floor to ceiling systems provides greater versatility and offers the possibility to combine the screens with hinged doors (Optima screen by Krion) or sliding doors. These models achieve an effect of consistency and robustness that fits perfectly in your space.

The customised shower screen system integrates into spaces with non-standard measurements, such as corners, lofts or those with retaining walls, to maximise the characteristics of the area.

Timeless, functional designs

The finishes available for the profiles – high gloss, satin chrome or matt black – and the glass – transparent, matt, grey or bronze – are complementary elements to create your screen’s aesthetic; giving the bathroom a modern and minimalist feel.

The resistance and unchanging nature of the stainless steel profiles and solid finishes (S + Line Black by Krion) help to combat any moisture generated.

The ideal height and the benefits of screens

When designing or remodelling a bathroom, it is essential to consider the measurements of the screen to ensure safety and hygiene. We recommend a minimum height for the screens of 1.9 metres; a height which will vary according to the tastes and needs of the individual customer.

This perfect accessory offers many advantages, so we highly recommend you choose to install shower screens: adapting to the needs of the user; protecting the floor against damp; maintaining the temperature; preventing slips and falls; and finally, creating the illusion of greater space.

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