28 April 2021 | Updated: 2 June 2021


6 ideas for choosing the perfect kitchen worktop

Conglomerates, natural, resistant, L or U-shaped... worktops can be used to organise your space and make it more versatile, using them either as a preparation area or table.

Your worktop will define your kitchen aesthetics. How you use the room will vary depending on the design or combination of materials you go for. So the first things you need to think about are your kitchen dimensions, the colours you'll use in each zone and, of course, your chosen interior design style.

Next we'll look at some practical tips for choosing the worktop that best suits your needs in the kitchen.


KRION® terrazzo series

What type of kitchen worktop should I go for?

First, you need to decide on your kitchen type (with or without an island, L or U-shaped, with open or closed cabinets, integrated or free-standing appliances) and next choose the worktop that best fits the design in terms of practicality, cleanliness and balance.

1 - E9.30 kitchen XLight Liem Dark Silk + E7.90 Roble Cuero Premium Gamadecor Urbatek Porcelanosa

E9.30 kitchen XLight Liem Dark Silk + E7.90 Roble Cuero Premium Gamadecor Urbatek

Black worktops

Black worktops will give your kitchen an orderly look and feel. This is especially true if you combine them with tiles in the same colour, or wood inspired ceramic flooring such as the tiles included in the PAR-KER® range Another design option would be to frame your black worktop with white lacquered furnishings or plain or mosaic ceramic tiles in the same colour.


E4.40 kitchen Gamadecor

White worktops

White worktops will add light and depth to your kitchen. This is especially true if you're going for a minimalist 'total white' interior design, with floors, walls and worktops following the same aesthetic line. You can complement this interior design with open shelves or glass wall cabinets, high wooden stools or metallic finish taps such as the ones in the Lignage collection by Noken.

Wood worktop

A wood worktop will add warmth and a restrained feel to your kitchen. To make it more resistant, you could go for a design in ceramic wood by Porcelanosa and combine it with ceramic wall tiles in white (Matt, Ona Blanco White), or grey (Bottega), or cement floor tiles with organic motifs such as Park Acero.

2 - E3.70 Blanco Glass kitchen + Emotions Blanco Matt Gamadecor Porcelanosa

E3.70 Blanco Glass kitchen + Emotions Blanco Matt Gamadecor

Natural stone worktops

A natural stone worktop will give your kitchen an incredibly sophisticated feel. You could go for a design blending a natural or granite worktop with ceramic floor tiles inspired by that same material, such as Marmi or XTONE, a sintered mineral compact with a surface and veins that echo the natural sheen of Carrara or black Marquina marble.

Montblanc Pulido 2 cm table

E4.00 kitchen + KRION® 1100 Snow White

New kitchen worktop materials: Krion®

KRION® mineral compact has changed kitchen design. This pure white material is resistant to high temperatures, antibacterial and non-porous, and will make your kitchen cleaner because it prevents dirt, fungi and bacteria accumulating on its surface. And because it has imperceptible joints, you can use it to create infinite worktops that join to the rest of the kitchen, creating the sensation of continuous space.

3 - E9.30 Wabi kitchen XLight Bottega Caliza Silk + E2.65 Sugi Black Sugi Té Urbatek Gamadecor Porcelanosa

Wabi E9.30 kitchen XLight Bottega Caliza Silk + E2.65 Sugi Black Sugi Té Urbatek Gamadecor

XTONE worktops

The XTONE sintered mineral compact stands out for its large dimensions and natural textures inspired by marble, onyx and limestone. Resistant to high temperatures and scratches, waterproof, hygienic (it doesn't release volatile compounds) and 100% recyclable, XTONE worktops are suitable for classic or industrial style kitchens alike, and is the perfect partner for Nordic furnishings, steel tables or aged copper pendant lighting.

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