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The best designer toilet for your bathroom

These days, the key concerns in toilet design are water efficiency, hygiene, accessibility and comfort

The toilet is an everyday bathroom essential. This home and workplace essential has evolved enormously over the years. From classic models to the most innovative of designs, each toilet comes with features that go beyond basic functions. In this post, we’ll look into aspects of their design, technology and health implications.

Acro Compact toilet by Noken.

Acro Compact toilet by Noken.

The parts of a toilet

Toilets are essential sanitaryware, and consist of a number of parts. Each one plays a specific role in the function. These are the most common parts of a toilet:

Acro Compact toilet and frame by Noken.

Acro Compact toilet and frame by Noken.

Toilet bowl. This is the part of the toilet you sit on. They come in different shapes and styles, crafted from various materials like porcelain.

Seat. The seat is the top part of the toilet which comes into contact with the user. They’re generally made with plastic and come in various forms and designs. Some toilet seats come with additional features including heated seats or soft-close systems.

Cistern. This is the top part of the toilet where water is stored for the flushing system. It contains mechanisms including the water inlet and flush valves, and the ballcock system.

Water inlet valve. This component controls the flow of water into the cistern. Opens to allow water to enter when the flush is activated, and closes when it’s full.

Ballcock. This is a device inside the cistern that controls the water level. When it reaches a pre-set level, the ballcock closes the valve, shutting off the flow of water.

Flush valve. This valve controls the release of water from the cistern to the bowl when the flush is activated. It could be a single or dual-flush design. This means you can choose between a full or partial flush, aiming to save water.

Flush handle. The flush handle is a lever positioned to the side or front of the tank. When you press the plate or pull the handle, the flush valve opens, releasing water into the toilet bowl.

Trap. The trap is a U-shaped bend at the bottom of the toilet bowl. This part prevents unpleasant odours seeping into the bathroom from the sewerage system.

Other essential components complete the toilet design including the flange, mounting screws, cistern bolts, connectors for the water supply, and drainage pipes.

Wall-hung or pedestal toilet?

Today, toilets aren’t just functional pieces, they’re an expression of style and design in the home. From classic cistern designs to ultra-modern, wall-hung toilets, a huge variety of options are available to suit any aesthetic preference.

Arquitect wall-hung toilet and bidet by Noken.Arquitect wall-hung toilet and bidet by Noken.
Acro Compact pedestal toilet and bidet by Noken.Acro Compact pedestal toilet and bidet by Noken.

Wall-hung toilets are fixed directly to the wall, giving them a lighter and more contemporary look. This solution also makes it easier to clean around the toilet, because the base doesn’t come into contact with the floor. Similarly, wall-hung toilets often come with space-saving features like concealed cistern systems. Features that make this type of toilet the most commonly used solution for smaller bathrooms – or any spaces seeking a simpler look. The Essence C and Lounge models by Noken are fine examples of minimalist and functional wall-hung toilets.

Pedestal toilets, meanwhile, stand out for their timeless appeal and simpler installation. Plus, because it’s a more traditional design, you’ll find a wider variety of formats, such as the Arquitect and Acro Compact ranges by Noken.

Current toilet designs and styles

The design of the toilet you choose influences the overall look of your bathroom. As well as being functional, this should be in a style that complements the rest of the room. The lines, shape and finishes of a toilet contribute considerably to improving the everyday user experience.

(1) Flamenco Rosa (flamingo pink) Essence-C toilet and bidet by Noken. (2) Inodoro y bidé Lounge Negro Mate, diseñado por Simone Micheli para Noken.

The Finish Studio concept was developed by the PORCELANOSA Group bathroom specialist along these lines. A range of finishes to add colour to Essence C Compact designs, with vibrant colours including flamingo pink or crocodile green. These pastel shades are in line with the latest bathroom trends, giving contemporary bathrooms a truly unique look.

What’s more, because these toilets are so versatile, you can create truly exclusive pieces. This is certainly the case with Noken, which has collaborated with architects as renowned as Simone Micheli, developing collections such as Lounge that break away from the conventions of the traditional WC.

Smart toilet: the fusion of technology and comfort

In the digital era, smart toilets are taking the bathroom experience to a whole new level. These devices come equipped with a wide range of functions, from heated seats to built-in bidets and remote controls. Offering a wealth of luxurious features, smart toilets are designed to improve hygiene and personal care.

I-Comfort Line smart toilet by Noken.

In this vein, Noken Porcelanosa Bathroom offers various I-Smart solutions made for more hygienic and effective everyday toilet use. Acro Compact I-Smart is a Japanese style toilet with a water jet, several massage systems and other functions. The auto-control technology means you can choose between rear (male) and front (female) cleansing modes. You can also control the water temperature and choose from five drying levels. A comfortable, bespoke experience for every user.

Other aspects to think about

Water efficiency

The development of dual-flush toilets was prompted by increased environmental awareness. With these toilets, you can choose between a full or partial flush, reducing the amount of water consumed.


Ergonomics have landed in the world of toilets, with designs that imitate the natural squatting position. This arrangement aims to improve user posture, with potential long-term benefits to digestive health.

Some toilets also come with seats incorporating massage and heating features, providing an ever-more relaxing and comfortable experience. These innovations focus on the main function of the toilet, as well as improving users’ general wellbeing.

Essence-C toilet by Noken.

Essence-C toilet by Noken.

Toilet lid: Lift-Off and Soft-Close

The toilet lid is another important element. This component closes the toilet bowl, helping to reduce the release of odours. Plus, they’re in constant contact with our skin, so they should be easy to clean and maintain.

This makes Noken’s Lift-Off seats the perfect blend of style and functionality. A simple mechanism designed to help you remove the seat more easily, made with quicker and easier cleaning in mind.

Meanwhile, the Soft-Close system for Noken toilet lids absorbs the shock, preventing any slamming. This technology prevents repeated slamming, sudden impacts and annoying noises.

The evolution of the toilet

The toilet is much more than utilitarian device. An everyday hygiene essential that’s constantly evolving. With designs now focused on water efficiency, accessibility and comfort; the future may be dictated by advances in biotechnology, or the integration of sensors enabling us to monitor our health on an ongoing basis.

Acro Compact toilet by Noken.

Acro Compact toilet by Noken.

Each toilet type offers a unique user experience. Choosing the right model is about more than the basic function. It’s an expression of your style, and it also has a significant impact on the user’s health and wellbeing.

Discover all Noken’s toilet designs at your nearest PORCELANOSA store.

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