May 11, 2020 | Updated: June 3, 2021


How to achieve harmony in the home

PORCELANOSA Group offers a series of tips ranging from minimalist décor to feng shui style to make your home a welcoming place.

The lockdown imposed due to the coronavirus pandemic has made us reassess our homes and the importance that design and decoration plays within them. Now that our homes have become not only a refuge to combat the pandemic, but also offices, gyms, reading rooms and schools, we’re staying at home to do all the activities we used to do elsewhere. Interior design is the key to creating comfortable, unique and welcoming settings in which to spend our time without watching the clock. For this reason, PORCELANOSA Group has created a style guide to renew your home through different types of styles, centred around order, hygiene, harmony and chromatic balance.

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The value of the details

Minimalist and sustainable decor will allow you to create a more comfortable home. Wood with the FSC seal, eco-friendly ceramics and taps designed to help save water and energy, such as the WaterForest initiative from PORCELANOSA Group, will help you live better within your domestic and natural setting.

Harmony as a source of happiness

Nordic interior design respects and reflects this philosophy. Concepts such as lagom (the virtue of balance), popular in Sweden, promote order and harmony through the use of natural or primary elements.

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Zen style

This is an eastern interior design that seeks that connection between the individual and nature. This is the case with the feng shui style, where natural light, neutral colours such as white or beige, and vegetation are elements that must be present in every corner of the home to discover the notion of qi (the vital energy that objects transmit).

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Danish hygge

For Danes, the concept of hygge is synonymous with well-being, relaxation and freedom. This lifestyle seeks happiness through cosy lighting, warm textiles, light colours, natural woods and plants.

Japandi style

The Japandi style merges the Japanese style with the Scandinavian one, combining seemingly opposing elements. Mixing natural materials with other more synthetic materials, opting for white or beige spaces and placing low furniture in key areas such as the kitchen or bedroom are some of the tricks that will allow you to enjoy a more worldly and balanced home.

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