May 6, 2020


Organising your kitchen easily and efficiently

The keys to organising space include allocating shelves by product, dividing the pantry according to use and opting for modules with more spacious drawers.

Now that we are spending more time in the kitchen and developing new culinary skills (bread, lasagne and lemon cake are currently the most popular recipes on the internet), organising this space and keeping it clean is essential to enjoy cooking.

Here are some tips from PORCELANOSA Group to help you keep the kitchen tidy and make the most of every inch of space.

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Clean thoroughly

First thoroughly clean the drawers, cupboards and worktops in the kitchen and decide which utensils are necessary and which are not.

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All-in-one pantry or separate spaceses

Depending on the space available in your kitchen, you can divide the pantry into perishable and non-perishable products. If you do not have much space, we advise you to use a shelf or drawer as a pantry.

Upper and lower shelves

The kitchen’s top shelves can be used to store plates, cups and kitchen utensils. Low-level cupboards can be used to store oven trays, pots, pans and large tableware.

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For satisfactory storage, the first thing is to think about the layout of the kitchen, leaving as much clear space as possible to enhance the sensation of size. The following questions and answers can help you to make rational use of the space in your kitchen.

Modern kitchens are based on a "working triangle", focusing on organisation, cleanliness and storage

Organisation depends largely on common sense and should respect the following order: save, recycle and reuse.

To organise a small kitchen, it is essential to make the most of the space available and include features that allow kitchen items to be stored more efficiently, such as additional shelves, auxiliary tables and modular cupboards.

One useful trick is to label pots and containers and arrange them in alphabetical order according to the type of product.

Use dividers to separate different types of item in cupboards and drawers. This will enable you to locate each item quickly and easily.

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