August 31, 2023 | Updated: November 2, 2023


NIU HOUSES: the industrialised construction of Fran Silvestre

The project unveils a new, highly sustainable,

innovative and futuristic vision of design and architecture. This is how one could define the latest masterpiece by Valencian architect Fran Silvestre, which proposes a change in the way homes are built by prioritising efficiency, quality and sustainability.

Light is the guiding principle of the eight single-family home concepts designed by Silvestre. This was precisely why he turned to KRION® K · Life 1100 solid surface in white, used for the ventilated façades (Butech), and the stone-look technical porcelain model in beige for the exterior floor tiles (Avenue White Texture by Porcelanosa). The material successfully extends the interiors of the NIU HOUSES outside to the terraces.

The interior design and layout of the rooms in the NIU HOUSES are very much in tune with the architectural concept. In the bathrooms, the interior design scheme reflects a crisp, modern and light image, featuring white elements such as KRION® Solid washbasins and Acro Compact wall-hung toilets (Noken).

The chrome finish of the taps, shower heads and hand shower (by Noken) provide a harmonious accent. Indirect lighting is used in the bathrooms for a relaxing, welcoming feel.

A sustainable housing concept

The NIU HOUSES development aims to show the potential in offering homes with quality materials and finishes in a more agile and accessible way. “Thanks to the speed of manufacturing, usual construction times can be reduced by a third. This encompasses the whole process from project management and implementation through to the construction of the property”, says a representative from Fran Silvestre’s architectural studio.

Single-family dwellings are designed to keep energy consumption to a minimum, harnessing the power of renewable energy generation systems. Con la construcción externalizada y la instalación directa en la obra, se reducen los escombros y disminuye la huella de carbono. In addition, the materials chosen for the building can be used after their initial use through recycling or reuse.

Sustainability also runs through the sourcing process in NIU HOUSES, championing Valencian manufacturers – such as Porcelanosa – and opting for fittings and furnishings from the local firm throughout the various spaces. This is an area in which Fran Silvestre shows no compromise, being strongly committed to guaranteeing a minimal environmental impact.

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