February 15, 2022


Patterned tiles: Yesterday’s design, today’s interiors

The 3D effects and warm textures of these ceramic tiles lend a sense of beauty to any space with their meticulous designs dominated by floral and geometric motifs, and vibrant colours.

Commonly used in twentieth-century constructions and a symbol of Modernism, patterned tiles have made a return to our home interiors, thanks to their refined aesthetic, durability and easy installation.

Featuring geometric motifs, floral and asymmetric patterns, each model in these ceramic collections by PORCELANOSA Group brings artisan design and resistance together. Use these vivid tiles on your floors or walls to add a bright and colourful feel to your room, and they’re easy to install, too. Ready to find out how you can achieve the look?

Patterned tiles in the kitchen

Hydraulic tile-inspired ceramics give you a huge range of décor options, making them a popular choice in kitchens and bathrooms.

Whether you’re going for an industrial, vintage or minimalist style, you’ll find the perfect match guaranteed to add personality to your space. Try placing several patterned tiles in the same direction, creating a form of mosaic on the floor that will make your kitchen feel more spacious, or zone different areas by placing them in a rug layout. You can do this to delimit the areas of the kitchen with different textures. Models such as Antique Silver and Basalt Anthracite by Porcelanosa work well combined with wooden furniture or neutral tones, adding light to every inch of floor.

The key advantages these ceramic tiles have over traditional patterned tiles is that they’re less porous, more resistant to wear and tear, and easier to install. These properties also make them more durable and easy to maintain – all of which makes them a safer, cleaner option.

Vintage living rooms with patterned tiles

Give your hallway or living room a dose of personality by combining series like Barcelona (STON-KER®) by Porcelanosa with Craft Ivory by L’Antic Colonial and get a standout vintage look with stunning colour contrasts. The former collection, with natural black and white graphics, is perfect for creating the infinite look, whilst the latter recalls the decorative abstract or avant-garde tiles of the Arts and Crafts movement.

If you’d like to add a splash of colour to a bathroom or bedroom, collections like Triana by Porcelanosa (STON-KER®) convert the humble tile into a work of art, with striking starry forms and bluish hues that evoke Mudéjar art.

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