November 16, 2021


The CE residence in Bétera CE unites practicality and design with Porcelanosa

This house, planned by the architect Francisco Torromé with Dobleese interior design, is formed of two symmetrical white spaces and has been designed using Porcelanosa's collections to enhance light and the natural landscape.

This home is both functional and hedonistic, and has been designed to embrace the "pleasure of living" through the use of neutral tones and open space. The CE residence in Torre en Conill (Bétera, Valencia) is representative of an architecture which is inclusive and accessible, placing people at the centre of each design.

An 800 m2 house focused on personal well-being

Planned by the architect Francisco Torromé with Dobleese interior design, the connection between this single-family home with its surroundings was created through two symmetrical white open spaces which aim to blur the lines between our private and natural lives. This idea was developed by the architect and then transformed into reality through the use of Porcelanosa's collections. Among them is Bottega Caliza (floor tiles), which connects the ground floor with the terrace and garden, enhancing the exterior light by means of clean lines and continuous design. "The floor tiles used indoors and outdoors project an infinite effect in the central part by the bonsai olive tree, a symbol of health and longevity. Thus, the floor is divided, so that the swimming pool with solarium, the dining area and a relaxation zone are on one side, while the other has access to the garage", comment DobleEse.

White and blue interiors that invite calm and tranquillity

This harmony in white continues inside with the living-dining room, the guest bathroom and the kitchen, which connects to a chill-out zone on the second floor via some stairs.

The large wall, papered with tropical motifs, solid walnut furniture, neutral fabrics and cement-inspired wall tiles including Dover Caliza by Porcelanosa (used in the kitchen) lend a sense of serenity to the rooms. This quality also defines the kitchen, where the Emotions E1.70 model by Gamadecor with a KRION® Lux countertop achieves greater dynamism through the use of light shades (sand and white) that shape the storage spaces.

The master bedroom, located on the top floor, is designed in beige and marble tones and provides access to the master bathroom. A wholly different aesthetic to the other two bathrooms, where Bali Nieve, Malaga Beige, Ocean, Menorca Blanco, Dover Caliza and Lexington Maple wall tiles in white, blue and earthy tones add a fresh and youthful feel. To enhance these vivid colours, the Next and Last bathroom furniture by Gamadecor were selected, made in wood and lacquer for a more natural finish. For these rooms, the Krion® Solid collections One, Nest and Smart, the Krion Shell® Line shower tray and Urban taps from Noken have also been chosen. "This unique property offers an integral view of the landscape and highlights its architecture with simple equipment according to its needs", state DobleEse.

See it in Projects Porcelanosa.

Architecture: Francisco Torromé

Interior design: Dobleese Space&Branding

Photo: Germán Cabo

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