April 22, 2022


The Hotel Clarisse in Paris changes its interior design with Porcelanosa

The design of this hotel combines vintage furniture with ceramic tiles, industrial décor and English fabrics to show the city's open, cosmopolitan character.

Designed to make the guest another citizen of Paris, the Hotel Clarisse has completely changed its interior design, opting for lighter and more colourful rooms. The main objective of this refurbishment was to link the hotel's life to that of the city through a timeless, modern and elegant décor, in which the PORCELANOSA collections play a significant part.

Located at 159 Boulevard Lefebvre in Paris, just a few metres from the Georges Brassens Park and half an hour's walk from the Paris Catacombs, this three-star hotel has preserved its original art nouveau façade but has adapted its interior to current trends.

From the reception desk to the common areas, warm lights, vintage furniture and armless sofas upholstered in red predominate, combined with marble and mustard-coloured side tables. The style falls between 1940s Paris and 1960s America and carries over to the bedrooms with predominantly yellow and white fabrics, geometric walls with Ralph Lauren electric blue wallpaper and Hartley floors.

Ceramic mosaic to enlarge the bathrooms

As part of the refurbishment process, the image and fittings of the bathrooms have also been completely changed with L'Antic Colonial mosaics. The company's white and black floor tiles combine elegantly with Porcelanosa's Carrara Blanco Mosaic, whose colour is elevated by Butech's Pro-Part Black profiles. The choice of these geometrical pieces composed of small superimposed squares and tiny circles makes the bathrooms look larger, thanks to their lightness and volume, creating the impression of an elongated space, which is reinforced by the presence of rectangular mirrors and Noken's designer taps. With their classic-vintage look, inspired by the Belle Epoque, these metallic taps give bathrooms a distinctive contemporary touch.

See it in Projects Porcelanosa.

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