October 31, 2019 | Updated: November 6, 2019


’Highlands’ of L’Antic Colonial, the geometric look of design

This collection comes with three distinctive tones: Dark Grey, Light Grey and White; its textures create a 3D effect on the walls where it is used.

Its two formats, square and hexagonal, come with an irregular veining which enhances the depth of the space.  

L´Antic Colonial banks on a geometrical design in Highlands. This natural stone mosaic has been designed in three tones, namely: Dark Grey, Light Grey and White; its natural veining provides greater depth for the spaces, thanks to its square and hexagonal format.


A 3D effect mural

Designed to be used as a wall tile, its pieces have a distinctive pattern, and an irregular texture which enhances this 3D effect on walls and interior areas.


This rule-breaking attitude that the Highlands series has, results in every wall having an artistic mural; where the contrasts, movements and reliefs that its pieces create, turn each space into an atelier with cutting-edge design as its purpose.

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