March 23, 2017 | Updated: October 26, 2018


Heritage by Porcelanosa: craftsmanship turned into ceramic parquet

Tradition in natural wood floor tiles has always been linked to the concept of art. Over the years, there have been many masters who have done some great original handcrafts and masterful authenticity, combining pieces of different sizes, orientation, species and geometry. That perfect imperfection of crafts, is now transferred to the present, through collections such as Heritage, the new PAR-KER ceramic parquet from Porcelanosa.

New ceramic technologies, nowadays, have enabled much more complex designs to be conceived with the same decorative elegance and additional infinite benefits. This evolution maintains the aesthetic essence, purity and great value from the past, while being reinvented to create authentic works of art oriented towards contemporary interior design and architecture.

Heritage: craftsmanship with the best ceramic features

Heritage is inspired by the elegance and charm of these unique traditional designs. PORCELANOSA Group conceives, through this special PAR-KER, a unique design for floor tiles inspired by natural wood that has a high-level ceramic performance. A high quality guarantee in ceramic production processes which Porcelanosa offers through this rectified porcelain tile; great strength, durability and easy maintenance, without giving up on the visual warmth provided by the natural materials.

The Heritage collection is a collection available in a 80x80cm format and three shades: Heritage Natural, Heritage Cognac and Heritage Colonial. Each of these finishes offers different aesthetic possibilities, according to more rustic, Nordic or minimalist environments. Heritage also stands out because of its streaks, very similar to those of natural wood and because of its delicate volume effect, achieved through a careful fusion between different shapes under the same compositional rhythm. The aim:  to achieve dynamism, volumetry and an elegant and subtle vintage finish.

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