May 8, 2019


Headboard ideas: the perfect accessory for a good night’s sleep

Nowadays we understand the benefits and importance of getting a good night’s sleep. Everything we can do to improve and adapt the bedroom space for the purpose of creating a calm and comfortable ambience is conducive to a better quality sleep. And the bed itself is one of the most fundamental elements of sleep. As well as the mattress, choice of pillow and the bed clothes the headboard is another feature of the bed which should be considered carefully. Here below we consider different materials, ideas and what’s trending in headboard designs.

popular headboard stylesMetropolitan antracita nature headboard by Venis

Choosing the right material for your headboard

The headboard performs specific functions; it protects walls from stains, provides an added degree of comfort and is a visual attraction in itself, adding to the room décor. Popular headboard styles include upholstered versions as well as other harder more solid materials such as wrought iron, timber or ceramic options. Each of these options usually has a traditional version, such as the heavily carved timber headboard, or the metal rod frame of the wrought iron headboard.  All have their pros and contras. The choice depends on individual taste and the effect you want to create in the bedroom.

headboard styles               XLight Ambar Beige Polished by Urbatek

Fabric headboard styles

The fabric headboard can provide a cosy and comfortable surface next to the head while sleeping, a timber option can also be a warm and cozy surface with the added advantage that it can match other furniture in the room. The ceramic or porcelain headboard can recreate the effect of timber, with improved maintenance and easier cleaning. The ceramic headboard is typically brought higher than the typical traditional headboard, becoming a feature wall that can integrate the night table and light on either side of a double bed.

types of headboardsCredit: @carlofortesuites  Product: Tanzania White by Starwood

The latest headboard styles

Currently it is popular to extend the head board beyond the bed per se. The contemporary upholstered headboard design using fabric also recalls the historical use of fabric to cover entire walls, such as the delicate silks of the 18th and 19th Centuries that were used instead of wallpaper. Fabric headboard styles are as varied as the textiles they feature. However they are generally cushioned with matching studs to provide a more authentic and durable effect. Alternatively they can be plain or arranged in a series of half rolls with padding provided behind. The fabric headboard is somewhat like having an extra pillow on the bed and provides a comfortable and tactile surface for sitting up in bed.

headboard designs LinkFloor Wall Clay Calgary by L´Antic Colonial

The headboard as room divider

Another popular approach currently is to place the bed in the middle of the bedroom space thereby creating different zones in the bedroom which can define dressing areas or even an en-suite open within the bedroom. In this scenario the headboard acts as a wall partition and should therefore provide structural stability as well as visual privacy. Here a solid and heavy material will be required which will remain in place, it doesn’t necessarily have to reach the ceiling however and can be half-height.

headboard ideasWood Boxes Mosaic by L´Antic Colonial

There are nowadays so many different headboard styles to choose from that there can be no excuse for not getting a good night’s sleep.

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