April 28, 2022


Original ideas for decorating your hallways

Transforming these passageways into decorative spaces is possible if you can maximise the character of each nook and cranny.

While viewed by many as a mere corridor or crossing space, the hallway is probably the space in a home or office which is the most used, as it creates the connection with the rest of the space. To improve the aesthetic and use of these areas, PORCELANOSA has multiple materials that can help you to increase the brightness and style of each hallway to really make the most of the space. Let's take a look at some of them.

Neutral colours to enlarge your hallway

Uno de los trucos más efectivos para ensanchar aquellos pasillos estrechos pasa por pintar o revestir las paredes con colores neutros como el blanco, el beige, el gris o el arena. En esa escala cromática se enmarcan los paneles decorativos Fitwall® de Krion o el porcelánico de grandes dimensiones Berna Topo de PORCELANOSA, cuyas texturas y gráficas reproducen el color y la de piedras naturales.

Al tener un corte a medida y una resistencia mayor que otros materiales, las superficies de Fitwall® destacan por su versatilidad y su composición sostenible (mineral, resina y PET reciclado) porque mejoran el entorno y dan mayor volumen a las paredes.

Ese efecto óptico de alargar el pasillo y conectarlo con el resto de las estancias también se puede conseguir mediante el parquet o los pavimentos vinílicos de inspiración madera como Linkfloor Legend de L’Antic Colonial. This light and easy-to-install vinyl allows you to differentiate areas, and can be brought to the fore with wall paintings or wall-to-ceiling mirrors which will increase the sensation of an endless space.

Corridors with walls inspired by stone

Many hallways lack light and aesthetic coherence. For increased sophistication and depth, PORCELANOSA suggests a porcelain coating for the walls that simulates marble or limestone. This is the effect that is provided by collections such as Nylo Noir or Ars Beige from XTONE. While the large pieces in the first series featured black marble, the second series focusses on an ivory-tone design that gives greater depth and brightness to your hallways.

In central, longer hallways, complement this type of wall with compact or suspended furniture, which will help to organise your objects and clothing to make the most of the space.

To provide more interior lighting, installing adjustable LED lights or ceiling lamps can increase luminosity and ensure that the space appears as wide as possible. Algo similar a lo que ocurre con los papeles pintados Skins de L’Antic Colonial, cuyos diseños orgánicos (Artenisa o Calatea) aportan más anchura y dinamismo a dicha estancia.

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