December 16, 2021


A Florida home inspired by the Greek islands

Architecture studio Adina Hall Design opts for ceramic wood and stone wall tiles by PORCELANOSA, featuring a white and blue colour scheme to recreate the natural Santorini look.

The Atlantic breeze and natural light from the Florida coastline drift in through large horizontal windows, enhancing the stunning interior design. With a blue and white colour scheme inspired by Santorini's whitewashed houses, this property transports the fresh and bright feel of the Greek islands to the main rooms. A natural décor scheme is combined with electric blue velvet sofas, light cotton textiles, geometric stools and solid wood side tables.

Walls and floors inspired by the ocean

Designed by architecture studio Adina Hall Design with natural collections by PORCELANOSA, Oceanfront Residence is an open-plan home that eschews partitions. Instead, the various areas are zoned through the use of warm materials such as Tanzania White (PAR-KER®) ceramic wood by PORCELANOSA, used here as flooring throughout the living room, bedrooms and bathrooms. The beige and brown colours of the flooring tie in with the beach sand which can be seen in the backdrop to the home, as well as the region's coastal architecture. The perfectly-attuned ceramic wood extends, in a herringbone layout, as far as the outdoor terrace.

In the bathrooms the designers have opted for a more minimalist design, with the metallic mosaic Paradise Minibroken Edge in white (L'Antic Colonial) interspersed with stone-inspired wall tiles by PORCELANOSA and a backlit mirror that brings out the white of the countertop.

Highlights in the guest bathrooms include rippling marble-inspired ceramic tiles (PORCELANOSA) and white lighting which lends a sense of depth to each zone. "We wanted to bring the spa experience to the bathrooms, so we opted for natural textures and sandy tones in each scheme. Our intention? To make the views from the home the focal point, making them an extension of the ocean" explain Adina Hall Design.

See it in Projects Porcelanosa.

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