November 14, 2022 | Updated: August 2, 2023


Types of grates for shower trays

The most innovative, practical and functional designs from PORCELANOSA Group are the latest trends

Integrated into ceramic tiles, linear, square or round. These elements adapt to every style of décor and shower. Which one you choose will depend on the shower tray material you want to use: ceramic tiles, mosaics or Krion Shell®.

Floor-level shower trays

This type of tray is made at floor level with ceramic tiles or mosaics glued directly to the base of the shower, substituting the traditional fibre shower trays. They achieve continuity between the shower tray and the bathroom floor by integrating it into the floor tiles and removing any steps.

When installing the grates, it is essential to waterproof the shower tray to prevent leaks. We recommend the Imperband Refurbishing Kit from Butech.

There are many types of grates available for draining water from the shower tray.

  • Stainless steel linear grates: available in several finishes, they represent the more traditional option.
  • Linear grates with a ceramic finish: ideal for blending in to the shower tray. You can only see the joint through which the water drains. Suitable for inserting the same tile or mosaic used in the rest of the shower floor. With stainless steel frame and available in three sizes: 59.6 cm, 80 cm and 120 cm.
  • Square: with four available models. The Standard Squared (10 cm x 10 cm) grate model from Butech includes a steel frame and high drainage speed: 1.25 l/m2.

Shower tray models

Noken is committed to sustainability with WaterForest. All the collections in the Mineral Stone series honour this commitment, being largely composed of recycled products that help to reduce the tons of waste that ends up in the oceans and seas (60% recycled white marble, 30% eco-resin and 10% thermolite).

  • Slate: the most versatile. The drainage varies according to the finish, as it can be customised by state-of-the-art digital printing with UV LED ink.
  • Unseen: a concealed drain with a minimalist aesthetic.
  • Zen: made up of 45% recycled flax stem fibre for lightness and strength. Available in black, grey and white.

In addition, Krion Shell® is an engine mineral composite developed in-house by the firm that contains at least 5% recycled plastic waste in its overall composition. Available in three models:

  • Line: allows users to customise both its length (75 to 210 cm) and its width (70 to 100 cm). Available in five different colours, from classic white, to grey, graphite, beige and taupe.
  • Flow: extra-flat shower tray. With a Rock texture, designed to prevent slipping while maintaining a homogeneous, simple and smooth design over the entire surface.
  • Slope: innovative design designed to allow water to flow naturally without the possibility of stagnation thanks to its inclined planes. Its ultra-thin profile of 3 cm means it can be installed on the surface or recessed, designed so users can easily get in and out of the shower.

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