May 13, 2020


Green will be in vogue in interior design this spring

This colour lends greater freshness and vitality to spaces and it can be combined with other more neutral colours like white, beige or grey.

Green is a dynamic and light colour that can be combined with countless tones like white, grey or beige. Its luminosity and freshness can improve our well-being and lend greater naturalness to spaces, especially in bathrooms or bedrooms. To achieve this, PORCELANOSA Group offers some decor tips to renew your home’s interior design, embracing green in all the rooms.

Green and healthy kitchens

Adding potted plants, aromatic plants or a vertical garden to the wall will lighten the space and turn the kitchen into a botanical haven. Another option is to paint the walls green and combine it with natural wood, as is the case with the E6.70 Roble Seda or E5.70 Bottle Brillo kitchens from Gamadecor, finished in a Nogal Seda wood veneer and with an XTONE countertop.

More natural living rooms

  1. Green has connotations of life and hope, bringing energy and serenity to living rooms. Combining this tone with light textures such as linen or cotton, plant prints or rattan lamps can give spaces a more exotic air.
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Wellness bathrooms

Green tones make bathrooms more relaxing, and they can combine with black taps, white basins or LED lamps. One of the ceramic collections designed in this colour is White & Colors by Porcelanosa, whose three series (Málaga, Sevilla and Ronda) include different verdant shades (Green and Mint) that evoke nature and brighten up walls.

Green bedrooms

The colour green takes on a therapeutic tone in the bedroom and it can be combined with light textiles, natural flowers, retro style hanging lamps or minimalist furniture with a black or white lacquered finish.

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