June 15, 2015 | Updated: October 26, 2018


Glass that guarantees the security and comfort in the bathroom with the Systempool shower screens

The bathroom is one of the rooms in a house where security and hygiene conditions are a must.  Hence, Systempool makes use of a tempered glass in the manufacturing of its shower screens, a more resistant glass and with the exclusive System-Glass easy cleaning treatment.

By means of a thermal treatment, the glass is heated up to a high temperature and then it is immediately cooled so that the outer surface undergoes compressive stresses. On the other hand, tension stresses appear in its inside, and when the glass is broken, it results in shattering into granulated pieces instead of shattering into dangerous toothed pieces that can easily injure people. Furthermore, the tempered glass is highly resistant to impacts, hence, it can be considered as a kind of safety glass.

The tempering process is carried out before making the cuts, the edging, the drilling or the necessary machine related work in relation to the creation of the shower screen, something that is not an issue for the manufacturing of custom made shower screens  by Systempool. Therefore, it makes the manufacturing of glass possible, glass which adapts to all kind of designs, ranging from steep edges to special holes for ironwork and glass with inclined cuts for dormer windows.With regard to the possibilities of personalisation, Systempool offers us the possibility of choosing between different finishes for its shower screens. These range from the classic see-through glass to more daring options like Blackmirror, which because of its shiny surface, the user can easily see a reflection of themselves, and furthermore, there are more available options regarding colours such as greys, bronzes and blues. As far as exclusive prints are concerned, you can also choose between designs such as Filo, Opal, Line and Deco. All of the aforementioned print designs can be applied straight onto see-through glass.It is worth stressing that Systempool only uses glass which has a thickness of 6mm and 8mm, as this guarantees both the stability and the robustness of its screens. Furthermore, in order to make the cleaning of the shower screens easier, the System-Glass treatment has been applied to most of the screens, forming an invisible protective film which is tremendously durable, and one which is able to repel water, moving it to the lower part of the shower with great fluidity.

2 thoughts on “Glass that guarantees the security and comfort in the bathroom with the Systempool shower screens'

  1. How do you recommend cleaning hard water stains off our Systempool shower doors? Have had to repair the drain underneath the base and wish to thoroughly clean the doors before they are re fixed to the walls. Urgently require answer please!

    1. Dear Susie,
      the best way to clean the water stains off the shower doors is to use an anti-scale product such as “Viakal” for instance. If you do not want to use chemical products, another way to do it is mixing some vinegar and water in order to clean the surface. The mixture of vinegar and water will achieve the same results as any anti-scale product.
      However, it is very important that, either you use an anti-scale product or the solution made with vinegar and water, you leave it on the surface no longer than 5 mins. After 5 mins, please, remove the product and rinse the surface properly. Please, also avoid the product to get in touch directly with the glass, the aluminium profiles, wheel bearings and so in order to prevent any damages.

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