30 March 2022


Geometry and colour with ceramic mosaics by Porcelanosa

Textured designs from the firm add unrivalled originality and elegance to spaces.

Once the reserve of bathrooms and kitchens, mosaic tiles are now considered a feature of bedroom and living room design. In the designs of the past, tiles often featured a more monochrome colour scheme, with a predominance of circular or botanical forms, but the latest designs have more volume, geometry and colour. PORCELANOSA Group has breathed this creativity into its ceramic collections, with mosaics that turn walls into works of art.

From chevrons to relief hexagons

Porcelanosa offers a wide range of ceramic collections you can use to design incredibly original and stylish spaces. Use them to fill your walls with fresh personality, and choose from options including Treccia Natural, which recreates the traditional chevron design of parquet, to mosaics with metallic accents (Dubai Silver) or others evoking fish scales with small white overlapping hexagons (Dubai White).

The firm's Elegant Grey bookmatch series draws on the marbles of the east, offering an incredibly sophisticated design. Ideal for larger rooms, they feature abstract graphics with a diffuse arrangement of white and brown veins, creating a play of inverted diamonds reminiscent of Indian textiles.

Natural stone mosaics

If you want to achieve a warm and welcoming look, natural stone mosaics by L'Antic Colonial combine an artisan finish with a cutting-edge aesthetic. The overtly geometric pieces by the PORCELANOSA Group brand come in electric colours with natural finishes that lend a sense of stunning light to spaces. Examples include their Hexagon Blue and Lines Boll Aston Pulido collections. The former alternates blue and silver hexagons, whilst the second is a flourish of fine marble rectangles, with a matt sheen that ushers light to the walls.

Lotus, meanwhile, is a glass mosaic that splashes a mural of glass flowers onto your walls, blending with the décor. The bright finish of this collection works well with warm woods and textiles, resulting in a balanced overall look.

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