July 26, 2022


Gamadecor progresses towards energy sustainability

The PORCELANOSA Group brand, which specialises in kitchen furniture, has installed 1,970 solar panels in its production plant

The company is a benchmark in the sector due to its implementation of various practices which act responsibly towards the natural environment, such as the FSC certification that accredits wood from sustainable forests, the carbon footprint analysis and the ISO 14001, among others.

PORCELANOSA Group, as part of its commitment to environmental care and corporate social responsibility, has established an action plan for energy conservation and the use of natural resources, with the objective of optimising the efficiency and sustainability of its production centres.

The photovoltaic installation at the Gamadecor factory is a prime example, as 1,970 solar panels have been installed on the roof. This is equivalent to 800 kWp and can generate 1,000,000 kWh annually. This way, 20% of the total energy demand of the production plant can be met.

The new solar energy installation, one of the largest created for self-supply within Spain's furniture manufacturing sector, has been in operation and at full capacity since June.

This project, promoted by Gamadecor, is EKOenergy certified. This guarantees that the energy is fully solar generated, in turn reducing our carbon footprint and meeting sustainability standards.

Gamadecor is an accredited company and has demonstrated good sustainability. This is attested by the FSC® accreditation, which ensures that the wood used in their production processes comes from sustainable forests. Similarly, the boards used are made from 72% recycled materials. The company also has an Environmental Management System based on the ISO 14001 international standard, which identifies and improves all the environmental aspects and impact caused by the company's activities.

Smart Kitchen, the intelligent kitchen

Innovation is at the heart of Gamadecor's activities. This is definitely present in the Smart Kitchen, the brand's new revolutionary, efficient and sustainable kitchen concept.

This smart kitchen model features an inductive worktop with invisible dual technology. It works - via the use of a touch screen - as a stove top or for charging household electronics; with no need for cables or batteries. A solution that offers advantages in many areas, such as cleaning, aesthetics and increasing the useful space of your kitchen.

A new kitchen model with multiple functions, all aimed at ensuring the health, safety and well-being of the customer.

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