March 14, 2017 | Updated: October 26, 2018


Gamadecor renews its production plant: seeking the excellence in the quality of kitchen and bathroom equipment

With the aim of offering an extra bit of excellence and quality in its designs for bathrooms and kitchen equipment, Gamadecor has recently renewed its production plant. The firm from the PORCELANOSA Group has fitted out its 125,000 square metre facilities with new cutting-edge machinery and technology, aimed at fully optimising its production processes. This way, Gamadecor has provided the warehouse with an intelligence panel which supplies both selectors, therefore, allowing for quicker and more accurate management of the different materials. Additionally, a laser edging system has been opted for, which achieves both longer-lasting and almost invisible joints, avoiding the use of either glue or solvent. Also for a soforming system which enables the carrying out of mitred or glace edging on the front sides and decorative panels of the furniture. On the other hand, Gamadecor is provided with a five-axis numerical monitoring centre which enables the making of impossible machining, which is as accurate as it is quick.

Other areas in the production plant that Gamadecor has renewed, are the background spray booth and the painting tunnel. The latter has been equipped with a ciclomix, whose objective is to mix every single additive needed to prepare the colours of the pieces, automatically and in a more accurate way, so that formulation errors and tone variations are avoided; while minimising the total waste of the product. In addition to this, the Gamadecor lab has been improved, in other words, the test bench for the firm’s products, where the most thorough and exhaustive testing phases are carried out to guarantee the quality of the pieces. To be more precise, it is in this space where all the products involved in the manufacturing process are tested regularly, and by means of several machines, they undergo a rigorous and exhaustive process which certifies their durability, with every single type of material being put through its paces in the worst-case scenario to verify its strength.

It is worth highlighting the review process and the steady improvement of the productive processes carried out by Gamadecor seeking excellence in relation to its product quality. In this regard, the firm strives to achieve customer satisfaction by reducing the delivery times to the minimum and facilitating the continuous training of its sales team. The main purpose is to show every product in the very best condition, as well as offering personalised advice in order to meet customer requirements.

Uniqueness and exclusivity in kitchens and bathrooms by Gamadecor

Thanks to its innovative production plant, Gamadecor has achieved the manufacturing of unique equipments for the kitchens and bathrooms around the world. Through its loyalty to the latest trends in design, as well as a genuine choice of natural materials full of high quality, Gamadecor has come up with a new concept of kitchens and bathrooms, integral, functional and highly elegant and exclusive.

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