May 17, 2021


Infinite kitchens with Gamadecor’s sliding worktops

The PORCELANOSA Group firm has launched a range of square extending worktops with a diagonal or one-way opening system to give you more space in the kitchen.

Kitchens that open to the outdoors or form part of the living room reinforce the concept of communal living. They represent a harmonious approach to design in which partitions, walls and doors disappear, blending the kitchen with the rest of the property.

This is precisely the concept PORCELANOSA Group brand Gamadecor has applied to its new kitchen models, with sliding kitchen worktops inspired by nature.

Worktops that become tables 

The diagonal or one-way opening systems enable you to extend the outer limits of the brand’s kitchens, adding more space and depth.

This mechanism enables you to open out or close the worktop up to 35 centimetres from the edge to the unit underneath (diagonal opening system) or up to 65 cm for the one-way system.

The square format and multiple finishes available (laminate, stratified laminate and wood), together with the runner mechanism, lend kitchens versatility and customised design. The various elements can be adapted to the overall structure: turn your worktop into a desk and transform your food preparation area into a meeting room.

Kitchen E7.90 Roble Polvo E4.90 Limo Mate Gamadecor Porcelanosa-1


Kitchen E7.90 Roble Polvo E4.90 Limo Mate Gamadecor

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